Homemade Hummingbird Feeders - Basic Guide for Making Your Own Bird Feeder

Do you need a guide for putting together homemade hummingbird feeders?

Making your own hummingbird feeder at home is easy and can attract beautiful, colorful hummingbirds into the smallest of gardens.

Can you imagine waking up to the hummingbirds chanting in the morning while they enjoy their feast sitting around their very own hummingbird feeder? Use these simple instructions to make your homemade hummingbird feeder so that you are guaranteed to experience the charms of these interesting birds.

What you need

  • An empty plastic bottle with a large mouth, together with its cap (let us refer to this cap as Cap 1)

  • A plastic bottle cap that is larger (and deeper) than the cap of the above bottle (let us refer to this cap as Cap 2)

  • A drill machine

  • A serviette

  • A hot glue gun

  • Decorations like plastic flowers or anything that is shiny

    Step by Step Guide

  • Use an empty plastic bottle as the tank and part of the base of your homemade hummingbird feeder; a bottle with a large mouth is easier to clean with a brush, and plastic can be easily replaced if it ages in the sun.

  • Using your drill machine, drill a few holes in the centre of the large mouth bottle cap (Cap 1); drill the holes close together so that you can use pliers to make one big hole.

  • Tear the serviette in half and thread it through the hole in the bottle cap (Cap 1) so that it sticks out about half an inch. This is done to ensure that there is enough space between the two caps to allow the feed to flow easily.

  • Place the small cap with the serviette threaded through (Cap 1) into the center of the bigger cap (Cap 2), making sure that the smaller cap is slightly raised; you can do this by adjusting the serviette to keep the lids in place. In terms of the alignment of the two caps, imagine you are placing a smaller bowl into a larger bowl.

  • The next step in making homemade hummingbird feeders: use the hot glue gun to glue the caps together, by creating four lines of glue between the smaller cap and the larger cap. Try not to get the glue on the bottom cap (i.e. the bigger cap, or Cap 2), as this will prevent the feed from flowing easily.

  • Once the glue has completely dried, remove the serviette without dislodging the caps; you will see that the smaller cap is "floating" inside the larger cap.

  • Screw the smaller cap's plastic bottle into the lid, being very careful not to move the lids out of place. This will give you the very basic structure of a homemade hummingbird feeder.

  • Take the time to decorate the feeder with brightly colored plastic flowers and some tin foil to make it shine. Glue the flowers all over the bottle and the tin foil under the caps so that the foil will reflect the sun onto the flowers.

  • You can also glue a piece of string or wire to the outside of the bottle, so that the homemade hummingbird feeder can be hung in the trees or on a pole in the garden.

  • Use fresh water mixed with sugar to fill the bottle and you have made the perfect hummingbird feeder.

    Any bird feeder, whether homemade or bought, will take a while before attracting birds. The key to be successful in filling your garden with hummingbirds is to be patient.

    Hang your homemade hummingbird feeder far from the house and, once the hummingbirds start using the feeder, you can slowly start moving the feeder closer to the house. This will ensure that you get the best possible view of these beautiful birds.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Making Homemade Hummingbird Feeders?

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