Homemade Bird Feeder - Easy to Make Feeders

Do you wish to build your own homemade bird feeder?

Almost everyone loves seeing pretty birds outside their window or in the front yard congregating and eating on their way to or from their summer homes. Attracting them is probably simpler than you think - you basically need some type of food source for them in the form of a bird feeder.

Bird feeders can be as elaborate as you want or literally fashioned from a toilet paper roll. You can build one to attract birds in general or ones of a specific species - for instance Purple Martins or hummingbirds. You can even suspend stale doughnuts or bagels from practically anywhere and attract a wide variety of birds.

One very easy homemade bird feeder is to take some pine cones and smear them with peanut butter. Next, roll them in bird seed and hang them outside your window. It is that simple! Blobs of suet along with bird feed and oatmeal packed on is a good way to attract all sorts of birds to your property - especially Robins and Cardinals. Kids love the whole messy aspect of these feeders.

Another simple homemade bird feeder can be made from a plastic jug - milk, water. Once you wash the jug out, cut a reasonably large hole in the side, about 4x4 or large enough for a bird to enter and exit. Paint the outside of the jug, and only the outside, any color you like and let it dry. With this done, it is a simple matter of filling it with loose seed or package preformed feed inside. Hang it from a hook or just drape it over a tree branch by the handle. With some supervision of cutting the hole, this is a good project for the kids.

You can build versions of homemade bird feeders that are more elaborate using wood and using a design much like a small version of a doghouse. For this project, use only untreated woods with galvanized hardware to prohibit rusting. These sturdier feeders last for years but take only a day - or at most a weekend, to construct. If you have the resources, you might consider erecting a couple of nesting boxes for those who build their homes in structural recesses and cavities. Just be sure to clean them thoroughly at the end of each season.

A homemade bird feeder can be made from things such as paper cups, twigs and all sizes of bottles or milk cartons. Be creative. Birds are naturally attracted to food, and providing the favorite food of a particular type or breed of bird will ensure that you can enjoy the birds that intrigue you the most. Research the birds of your area. Have one or two different types of feeders in a big front yard and a couple in the back.

And do not forget the hummingbirds. A mixture of one part white sugar to 4 parts water placed in a container allows them access to what attracts these entertaining creatures the most. Homemade bird feeders not only provide a vital service, but are also simple and fun projects that the whole family can participate in and enjoy for many months.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Making a Homemade Bird Feeder?

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