Valentine's Day Ideas for Boyfriend - Celebrating With Your Special Man

Are you seeking inspiration for Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend?

Valentine's Day is all about love and romance. Most men aren't as romantic or as inventive as their girlfriends or wives, but it's nice to be able to show them how it could be done.

You don't have to buy your guy something outrageously expensive; in fact, you don't even have to buy him a gift at all! You could pack a picnic lunch (or brunch) for the two of you - in a real picnic basket. Fill it with his favorite food and one or two good bottles of wine - then take him somewhere romantic. Think of a place with mountain, lake or ocean views, or a place that's special to you both. Don't forget to take your camera to record your romantic time together.

Here are some Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend which are more adventurous - you could perhaps talk him into trying bungee jumping with you - or tell him it's "his" gift and stand off to the side, cheer him on and watch him defy death on his own. How about a hot air balloon ride? Or a ride for the two of you in a glider plane? That could be the perfect gift for you both to enjoy.

If he's an adventurous kind of guy, you could amaze him with a gift certificate for a driving experience in a real racing car on a real race track, either driving alone or as a passenger with a certified NASCAR driver.

If he really enjoys the thrill of speed, he could become a Top Gun pilot for an hour or so. You can choose from Air Combat flying with a real military pilot for your guy, or you can have a 'dog fight' and fly against him to see who wins! Another option is to go up with an aerobatic pilot and try to survive through all the loops and tail slides. Now that would be a better gift than a CD or sweater! Talk about exciting Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriends!

How about Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriends who are sports fanatics? If your guy is really into sports, then buy tickets to see his favorite team play - and make sure you pay for all the extras! If your guy already has all the team "stuff", then how about searching for a unique piece of sports memorabilia, such as an autographed photo of his favorite player or team that you can find online.

An autographed team shirt would make a really special gift for him. If he still follows his old college team, you could surprise him with game tickets and a sweatshirt. A golfer will appreciate a paid-for round of golf at an upscale golf course he's always wanted to play on instead of the usual golf-related gifts such as personalized golf tees or golf club covers.

Now how about Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriends who are techies? If he's into the latest techie gadgets, there's a whole slew of things to choose from: an electronic book reader with several of his favorite books already loaded onto it; an electronic pen for voice messages so he can make quick reminders for himself while he's on the go; noise-canceling headphones if he's a frequent flyer; a gadget charger for his car; a gadget charging station for the home; or a digital photo frame or key chain already loaded with photos of you both.

Of course, you might simply decide to go with simpler and more personal Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend to enjoy - you could cook dinner for your guy, put his favorite movie into the DVD player and snuggle up in front of the fire - just the two of you, happy being alone together.

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