Homemade Dog Treat Recipes - Useful Ideas and Tips

Do you wish to make your own homemade dog treat recipes?

While dog treats have always gotten Rover's tail wagging, lately, more and more people are wondering what actually goes into them that make them so enjoyable.

Many would be surprised, because, for the most part, large corporations do not give a lot of thought to the health of the nation's canine population. This is not to say they do not care, but let's face it, they are profit driven. As a result, many dog lovers are looking into making their own treats and finding it is not only easy, but fun as well. Best of all, treats that are homemade are fresh, natural, balanced and can be customized.

It is not as vitally important that treats be as healthy as your dog's regular diet but they can contribute to the diet by serving as supplements while still remaining a treat. The best thing about creating your own homemade dog treat recipes is the control you have in what goes in them and ultimately into your dog. And if they have special needs due to sickness, allergies, age - or even a weight problem, these can be specifically addressed.

The variety and types of homemade dog treat recipes you can make is impressive: bones, cakes, organic, veggie, you can even make doggie friendly icing to smear on them. Simple homemade dog biscuits (aka Milk Bones) are the easiest to make and they certainly do not have to be as bland as store bought. Great flavors that dogs love like peanut butter and bacon can be incorporated to ensure their coming back for more.

So, what are some nice homemade dog treat recipes?

Most basic dog biscuit dough includes some or all of the following ingredients; wheat flour, oats, wheat germ, some ground beef or turkey and some type of broth, and you can consider adding a bit of barbecue sauce into the mix before you bake it. Now, for the creativity.

With the addition of certain ingredients, you can get your pet to eat his fruits and veggies. Some very popular kinds of treats enlist the use of fruits such as banana, blueberry, pumpkin, coconut and sweet potatoes. Cookie treats, made out of trail mix, are also a popular snack. If your pet loves bacon but is a little on the pudgier side, then substitute turkey or even turkey bacon. As many dogs do enjoy the occasional sweet treat, use molasses and honey for special occasions.

As you create different canine culinary masterpieces, keep in mind that there are some foods that should never be given to a dog. Things like chocolate, avocado, caffeine (this again, includes chocolate) and macadamia nuts, as these are all toxic to canine systems, and should not be part of homemade dog treat recipes. Garlic and all types of onions attack the red blood cells of your pet and causes anemia. Avoid giving them fatty table scraps much for the same reason that you yourself would avoid them.

A dog's digestive system does not handle dairy products well, either. Research any exotic ingredients that you consider for your dog treats. By doing so, you will find that making snacks for your pet to be enjoyable and almost as rewarding as doing so for your own children.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Homemade Dog Treat Recipes?

Do YOU have in mind some nice homemade dog treat recipes? Perhaps some delicious recipes for homemade dog biscuits? Share and write about these tips and ideas for dog treat recipes here!

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