Making a Homemade HDTV Antenna - Basic Steps

Making your own homemade HDTV antenna is surprisingly simple, using some basic tools and some screws and washers which are lying around in your garage.

Most people have seen better results from these homemade antennas than the ones you can buy readymade at your local store.

Here are all the items you need to make your homemade HDTV antenna:

  • A piece of plywood (for inside) Or An old steel grate from an oven (for outside)
  • Sheets of foil
  • Some washers and screws of the same size
  • A transformer
  • A length of 2 x 4 wood
  • 4 metal coat hangers
  • Conductive wire
  • Duct tape

Cover your plywood or steel grate with the sheets of foil and seal it with duct tape to make sure that it stays secure and can't blow off. This is especially necessary if you are making a homemade HDTV antenna to use outside.

Next, you need to cut your 2 x 4 wood to the length that is required and then attach it to the plywood or steel grate with screws. This will make the basic shape of your antenna and, depending on the size of the plywood or grate, will ensure that your signal is strong.

Next, you need to cut the heads of the steel coat hangers off and then cut them in half so that you land up with eight V-shaped pieces of wire. Make sure that you trim the V-shaped pieces of wire so that they fit exactly onto the size of the plywood or steel grate that you covered with foil.

Measure out and mark equal distances on the 2 x 4 wood that you attached to the plywood or steel grate so that the V-shaped wires will not overlap. Drill holes on either side of the 2 x 4 at your markings far enough apart so that the washers will not touch. Add an extra two holes in the middle of the 2 x 4 where you can attach the transformer wires without touching the other washers.

Next screw the V-shaped coat hanger wires onto the 2 x 4 with the washers on top and the conductive wire running between each screw on each side. This will make the antenna part of your homemade HDTV antenna as well as make sure that the antennas are all connected through the wire and to the transformer. The antenna will capture the digital signal, run the signal through the wires and into your transformer which will then transmit the signal to your television.

Once you have assembled all the pieces of your homemade HDTV antenna, you can mount it on the roof and turn it until you receive the right strength of signal you need. This antenna will give you a strong stable signal that won't cut out in the middle of your favorite television show. Make sure that you mount the antenna as stable as possible so that the wind can't move it around.

You have now made your first homemade HDTV antenna for less than what it cost you in gas to drive to your nearest store.

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