Homemade WiFi Antenna - Basic Instructions and Steps

Do you wish to make your own homemade WiFi antenna?

Wireless fidelity (WiFi) is a system that uses radio waves to send information or data from one computer to another.

Your PC's wireless adapter card converts radio waves and sends information to the internet via a physical wired mode (Ethernet, etc.) for all to see. This process also works in reverse, as incoming signals are received and decoded by your computer's router into viewable data. WiFi antennas simply attempt to pull in stronger signals much the same way a television or radio antenna does. WiFi technology has brought free or low cost internet to people all around the world.

Making your own homemade WiFi antenna is not as hard as it might seem and no high tech knowledge is required. They can be fashioned from ordinary things such as tin and soda cans or even Pringles containers once you have decided upon what type of antenna you desire.

Directional antennas are better suited for long distance transmission, while stick or Omni-directional antennas are best suited for local use.

Juice cans (42 oz) have proven to be close to the optimum size for a homemade directional WiFi antenna. These contraptions - affectionately known as c-antennas, are very useful and can be constructed in an hour or two. You will need a few other parts, such as an N connector assembly, some appropriately sized nuts and bolts, coaxial cable, and a pigtail.

To get started on making your homemade WiFi antenna, remove one of the ends of the can entirely. From the closed end measure, 1 1/4 inches, and punch a hole as a seat for the N connector. It should be noted that the diameter of the can is crucial in calculating the distance from the end of the can where the N connector is to be placed. Different diameter cans will require different hole placement. For your convenience, there are web sites available that give you the estimation.

Attach the N connector so that the solder end is inside the can and solder a piece of 12 gauge wire about 1 1/4 inches long to it - this completes the inside of this homemade WiFi antenna.

Connect a length of coaxial cable (4 to 6 feet) to the free side of the N connector, and to this then attach a pigtail cable (a junction to connect coaxial cable to a computer). Lastly, connect the pigtail to your wireless card, which needs to have an external port. For best results, position your homemade WiFi antenna creation to maximize reception, and you should be enjoying increased reception and greater internet connectivity.

Omni-directional antennas are vertical and upright. Their signal is spread in all directions and is not as powerful as the directional variety that aims in a smaller area, usually about 30 degrees or so. On the upside, omni-directional antennas pick up signals from all directions and not just a limited area. Omni-directional antennas have the appearance of a small satellite dish and are not as fussy as their directional counterparts.

These homemade WiFi antennas are, however, just as easy to make and are many times fashioned out of old pot and pan lids. An even more basic version employs a metal pipe with chicken wire attached to it that acts as the receiver / sender. Connectors, wires and cables are then attached as needed.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for a Homemade WiFi Antenna?

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