Lawn Garden Care - Great Tips for Having a Lawn that Everyone Will Envy

Here, you will learn some basic tips and tricks for good lawn garden care.

Everyone wants to have a perfect lawn. It makes your home look more beautiful, and is a pleasure to see.

However, it does take a little effort to get your lawn looking absolutely gorgeous. There are tips in this article that will ensure that you enjoy a perfect lawn, all year round.

Watering your lawn is very important when it comes to lawn garden care, and there are a few tricks to doing this correctly. Contrary to what some people think, watering your lawn lightly several times a day is not really beneficial at all, especially in hot weather. The sun simply evaporates the water almost as soon as it hits the grass.

One instance of deep watering, about one inch, just once a week is sufficient for good lawn garden care. However, if it is a period of really hot weather, use one inch of water every three days instead, and your lawn will likely flourish.

To encourage deeper and healthier root development, you could water up to a depth of 4 to 6 inches; this also allows for longer intervals between watering. To measure the depth of water, just place an empty tuna can on the lawn surface whilst you are watering - when water fills the can to the brim, you can stop watering; alternatively, you can also stop watering when you find that water is running off the lawn.

Watering your lawn should be done during the coolest times of the day - in the early part of the morning, or during the evening with a lawn sprinkler; this helps to reduce the amount of evaporation which takes place. Also, to help ensure that you are better able to control just where the water should go to, avoid watering when it is very windy.

During winter, of course, lawn garden care is different. Rainfall is usually sufficient to keep your lawn looking great, but should you have a hot day in between, follow the guidelines mentioned above.

As part of lawn garden care, get rid of any weeds that show their heads in your lawn - they not only damage your lawn, but also look really terrible. Mow your lawn regularly, from March to October, with sharp blades set not too low. To prevent the mower from getting clogged, make sure to mow when the grass is dry.

To get a great, even looking lawn, make sure to mow in a constant direction at a steady pace, rather than hovering backwards and forwards - this is another useful tip for good lawn garden care.

After mowing your lawn, allow the grass clippings to remain on the lawn to decompose. Doing so would provide the nutrients equivalent to about one or two applications of fertilizer each year.

Also, during hot weather, set your mower at 2 inches, in order to reduce the use of water during those hot days.

If, for some reason, your lawn becomes damaged, it is very possible to renovate and repair your lawn, provided it is worth saving. If the damage is too extensive, however, it would probably be better to simply start from scratch. It all depends on how much grass is left as opposed to moss and weeds. If there is more than about 60% of moss and weeds, then kill off the rest of the grass, and re-turf or re-seed a new lawn.

If you decide to save the existing lawn, then your local garden center will supply you with a step-by-step guide to renovating your lawn, or you can simply get it off the internet, print it, and have it whenever you need it.

We hope you found these basic lawn garden care tips useful.

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