Making Birthday Cards - Tips and Ideas for Homemade Birthday Cards

Making birthday cards is a fun pastime where the whole family can join in and create something together.

With new creative techniques being discovered everyday and easy to use computer programs to help you along, it is a fairly inexpensive way to express your birthday wishes for others.

Getting a card that reads just "Happy Birthday" on the inside, seems to be a bit of a disappointment after the excitement of opening the envelop and pulling the card out. Making your own birthday cards tells others that you put time and effort into thinking about them on their birthday. This, together with making it personal and adding quirky sayings that the person is renowned for, will sky rocket you into a very special place in their secret little black book.

So, there are benefits to making birthday cards on your own.

Of course, as with most things in life, giving the wrong kind of card or even saying the wrong thing on the card could get you into deep water, so to speak. Therefore, instead of spending hours in the card store trying to find the perfect birthday card, try these guidelines and create your own gem.

Creating and making birthday cards for a male needs a very different style to creating a card for a female. A birthday card for a male needs bold colors like blue, black and maroon and can be lightened with beige, cream or brown for effect. Remember - the darker the colors you add, the more expensive the card becomes. Instead of printing a birthday card with a blue or black background, try using colored board with a bit of a texture, or, if you are really industrious, you can take out those dusty paints and paint the board the right color.

In making birthday cards, using pictures or photos of cars is always a great idea for male themed birthday cards. The person you are making the card for would probably have a favorite car from their favorite movie or even just a car they have admired for a long time. Use the internet or car magazines to find a picture of the car, and glue it on the cover page. Sports also goes down well with male themed birthday cards. If someone enjoys playing football, gluing a picture of their football star hero on the cover page should impress them immensely.

Then there is making birthday cards for the ladies. Finding content for female birthday cards is virtually effortless. Create a theme around lighter shades of any color on the color wheel - pink, lavender, mint green or powder blue, using darker compliment of the color for trimmings.

For older generation members, you could use a dried version of their choice flower, an extract from a novel they enjoy reading, or a quote from famous writings. For the younger generation, there is a range of "scrapbooking trinkets" which glitter and sparkle just the way a teenager would appreciate it.

Creating and making birthday cards is a really fun, easy and inexpensive pastime. With a bit of creativity and some genuine thought, card making could even become your favorite hobby, especially on those cold, don't-know-what-to-do rainy days.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Making Birthday Cards?

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