Make Your Own Birthday Cards - Tips and Ideas for Homemade Birthday Cards

Here are some tips and ideas to help you make your own birthday cards.

Ever pick out a birthday card at the store and think, "I could totally do this"? A simple picture drawn on the front, and a cute, witty, sentimental, or clever saying on the inside - that can't be so hard.

And then you see the price on the back and say, "I should be doing this!" When you've got lots of friends, you've got lots of birthday cards to hand out each year. And if you've got kids with lots of friends, that makes so many, many more. But you are truly onto something if you've considered just making your own cards. And you've got plenty of option for how to accomplish this.

A simple way to make your own birthday cards, and the most convenient way if you happen to be artistically gifted, would be to hand-draw them. You can buy card-kits which consist of greeting-card sized, pre-folded cardstock paper and matching envelopes of the correct size at your local craft store. While you're there, pick up some calligraphy pens, drawing pens, markers, and, if you're really into it, paint kits.

Or, to make your own birthday cards, you can buy your own cardstock paper, cut it, and fold it yourself. If you're really crafty, you can even buy paper and use a guide to make your own envelopes. (Look for instructions online.) It's simple - just draw your design, and couple it with a hand-inscribed message on the inside. For this, it's also a great idea to pick up a calligraphy book, or take calligraphy lessons (sometimes for free) at a local craft store or even online.

Another way to make your own birthday cards is scrapbook-style. If you're familiar with the art of scrapbooking at all, this will be easy for you. You'll need to hit the craft store for supplies - patterned and solid papers (cardstock thickness is ideal), markers, glitter, scissors, glue, stencils, etc. Scrapbook-style cards are usually odd-shaped (you'll likely have to create your own envelope for these cards) and created by making layered effects with patterns and solid-printed papers.

If you're handy with fabric ribbon, it can be used to tidy up corners or to add a sense of elegance to a more simple-looking card. You'll want to be keen on calligraphy, or use printed sayings that you can rub onto your card, which can also be purchased in bulk from craft-stores and online.

To make your own birthday cards of this type, it will take a bit of a steady hand and some layout-planning, as well as a lot of patience as you work through the whole project. In the end, you'll have a lovely result that's unique and thoughtful, and sure to make the lucky birthday boy or girl smile!

And there are other options for making homemade birthday cards. For instance, you could also get into stamping and embossed cards. You'll use the same basic cardstock, but your images won't be drawn or cut out - they'll be stamped onto your paper.

Most craft stores have entire sections dedicated to stamping. You'll find ink-pads in hundreds of colors, wooden stamps, and rubber stamps. You can purchase a heat-embosser for around twenty dollars, and if you buy the special embossing inks, you can make beautiful, professional-looking designs for your cards this way, too.

To make your own birthday cards this way, you can even purchase stamps that have pre-designed birthday messages on them, or you can stamp your own birthday message onto the card, one letter at a time. This also requires good hand-eye coordination, as well as the ability to create a layout that works.

Make sure you have extra paper on hand for this type of project - you're sure to have a slip and smudge or miss your target. It's okay, just try again! Sometimes, much patience and perseverance is needed to make your own birthday cards!

If you want to make your own birthday cards, it can actually be very easy and a lot of fun. No matter which route you decide, it will take small investments to start the process, but once you've bought all of your supplies, you'll definitely be saving money on birthday cards before you know it! On top of that, homemade birthday cards will also mean so much more to the birthday boy or girl.

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