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Finding male birthday gift ideas can sometimes be a frustrating experience, driving us to buy gift cards or any number of impractical, impersonal items.

We often come home from a shopping experience, unpack the parcels and ask, "Now why did I buy this, and who did I buy it for?" This should be the first sign that the gift needs to be relegated to the cellar and a new idea is needed.

Thankfully, the James Bond movies have created a desire for every man to have some (or every) type of gadget. Finding gadgets are easy and can be shopped for on-line with a click of your mouse. Some interesting gadgets to look at are LED car signs, power converters that charge a laptop while driving, night vision goggles, spy camera sunglasses, and a personal favorite, sprinkler hide-a-key.

There are some quirky gadgets available that will definitely be interesting male birthday gift ideas for someone with a sense of humor, like the Botanicalls DIY Plant Twitter kits that will tell you via twitter if your plant needs watering. There are Trip Glasses that work with sound and flashing lights, which is a great party trick. TV-B-Gone would most likely cause havoc in the sitting room with its ability to turn off most television sets at a touch of a button.

Of course, for male birthday gift ideas, there is also the new on-line gaming range. Saga (to mention one of many) allows you to buy "booster packs" at Wal-Mart, or you could give a pre-paid credit card for use on any on-line gaming or shopping channel. This is perfect for teenagers; it will keep them busy, as well as teach them how to use their available credit in a constructive way. Pre-paid internet usage is also a fantastic gift to give - it's like giving the gift of the world.

If the person you are buying the present for is more practical, running off to the local hardware and buying a screwdriver because you know there is a shelf that needs fixing in the kitchen, is maybe not the best male birthday gift idea. D.I.Y stores have many gifts and tools which are interesting, portable and affordable, ranging from mini tool kits to innovative electronic devices that are bound to get anyone excited.

Sports fans are probably the easiest people to buy gifts for. There are limitless on-line sports game tickets available, as well as sports memorabilia. T-Shirts and hats of their favorite sports team is an absolute must.

In coming up with male birthday gift ideas, music and movie enthusiasts are just as easy to buy for as sports fans. There is a wide range of downloadable music of every genre available on numerous websites, and if you combine that with an iPod (depending on your budget), you would have created the perfect gift. For movie buffs, you can even order an "Award Trophy" which you can personalize. There is also the option of buying a copy of their favorite movie or a collection of their favorite television series.

A favorite amongst the beer drinking clan, is a make it yourself "Beer Kit" which comes with many accessories, gadgets and tips for making the right beer. This is a male birthday gift idea that keeps on giving, and can provide many gift ideas for the future. Pub gimmicks like coasters, glasses and beer mugs which are printed with a joke are also a guaranteed favorite.

There are endless choices of male birthday gift ideas for executives or an office type person as well. Framing a photograph of the family which they can proudly display on their desk is always a classy touch. There is also a large variety of stationery (pens, executive folders, note paper) that can be personalized by your local graphic designer or ordered off the internet. Perhaps the best idea out there is having a photograph or poster personally autographed and then framed to hang on an office wall.

For outdoors men, there are always new ranges of compasses being marketed as well as a large variety of camping equipment like tents, portable coolers, showers, toilets and basically anything that can make a camping trip feel like home. Finding fantastic picnic rucksacks which come with any number of light weight utensils for hikers or tourists should be an absolute breeze.

Still in need of more male birthday gift ideas?

Giving someone a gift voucher from a brand clothing store is a great time saver and a very practical male birthday gift idea; try to find out which store the person prefers, but check the clothing prices to make sure the voucher covers a range from inexpensive to medium, depending on your budget, then slot the voucher into a personalized card to add a bit of charm. If the person is an avid reader, the best gift would be a bookstore voucher, unless you know the person's preferred reading genre or author.

These male birthday gift ideas should wipe out the frustration and replace it with joy and a sense of satisfaction that the right gift was bought, wrapped and given. Of course, the contents of the cellar will have to either be put on sale or given to charity so that you can fill it with all the wonderful, new, just right treasures you are bound to find.

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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