New Year's Eve Games - Fun for Everyone During the Celebration

Are you ushering in the New Year? Want to play some New Year's Eve games?

The New Year is a time for revelry and partying - the proverbial ringing out the old and bringing in the new. All this takes place at the midnight between December 31st and January 1st and people need something to do during that time.

Rather than just drink, they play games. Theme parties are popular; and dressing as the residents of a particular country and ringing in the New Year as they would is not only educational, but fun as well.

There are a multitude of party games that have been invented over the years, a variety of them related to partying and drinking. These types of games are plenteous and many times the rules seem to change as the evening wears on. Some games though, tried and true, focus more on fun and activities geared toward the family.

So, what are some fun New Year's Eve games that you and your family and friends can play?

One of the more popular games that is played on New Year's Eve is Guess The Resolution, and this New Year's Eve game is not only fun, but easier than one might think (pay attention to things like the guy who smokes three packs a day as it will not be hard to guess what his resolution might be). This game might get you in trouble, though, especially if you try guessing weight loss for those sensitive about appearance.

Guess the Word is another fun game. Write down a group of a hundred or so words on slips of paper - basic words such as tree, sleep or car. Divide the group into two teams and choose a moderator. Have the moderator give clues that direct the teams to name the words on the cards. The team that guesses the most words wins.

Or, for another version of this New Year's Eve game, simply write down events of the past year and see who can guess the month in which that event occurred.

Another New Year's Eve game centers on ridding yourself of troubles that have plagued you in recent months. Everyone writes down issues (money, relationships, etc.) that were particularly troublesome over the past year. These scribbles are private, of course, and at the stroke of midnight everyone pitches their paper into the fireplace or sets it alight and tosses it into a glass bowl. It is a symbolic way to wipe the slate clean and start over; cast away your old problems and start anew, so to speak.

A time capsule is another New Year's Eve event. Create a family scrapbook that highlights the year before, which includes pictures, objects or anything that tells your story. Make the capsule out of a heavy duty chest and put in the scrapbook or any other items from the past year. Bury it in the backyard to dig up next year for a trip down memory lane.

How about New Year's Eve games for kids?

If you are hosting a party with kids, split them up into teams to play balloon volleyball. They will love it. It might be wise not to play in the living room or anywhere there are breakables. Play just like regular volleyball, but you may have to serve from a bit closer to the net because of the balloons' range. Children might also enjoy games like Twister until they begin to wear down for the evening.

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