New Year's Eve Party Games - Great Fun for Everyone

Do you need some ideas for fun New Year's Eve party games?

It's New Year's Eve and you're hosting a party - so how are you going to keep your guests entertained? You don't want them all standing around just eating and drinking all night, so consider some fun New Year's Eve party games to keep everyone occupied until midnight - and beyond.

Even though it's so close to Christmas, your guests would enjoy receiving a prize for winning a game, so shop the January sales and find inexpensive fun gifts for both men and women - and have a stock of gifts for the children too if you're allowing them to stay up until midnight.

Actually, the best New Year's Eve party games for adults are children's games! You'll need to have someone stand by the CD player, ready to turn the music on and off for Musical Chairs, which can be a riot, as can Pass The Gift, where the guests sit or stand in a circle and pass around a small gift that you have wrapped in layer after layer of wrapping paper. When the music stops, whoever is holding the gift unwraps one layer; this continues until the last layer is torn off and the person who removes the last layer wins the prize. I don't think anyone needs directions for Musical Chairs!

Other great New Year's Eve party games involve a little research on your part. You can invent a kind of quiz to decide who is more knowledgeable about what has happened during the previous year. Let your guests form themselves into teams and give each team a list of questions, such as which month a certain event occurred in or who was involved in a scandal, etc.

You could also do this New Year's Eve party game with pictures, which would make it easier for the children to participate. For instance, ask who was in a movie - this is easy to make kid-friendly, or copy a photo of the Space Shuttle taking off and have them guess which month that was. It doesn't have to be rocket science (no pun intended), but do stay away from sad events! You could also have a theme for your quiz - sports, movies, music, TV shows, etc.

As you brainstorm possible New Year's Eve party games, don't forget Who Am I?. Take sticky notes and write a famous person's name on it. Stick or pin onto the back of each guest. The guests have to guess who they are by asking questions of other participants.

You can choose names from history such as Marie Curie or Winston Churchill; old-time movies stars - Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne for example, or sports figures like Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth. You can make these as difficult or easy as you wish, but make sure you have a prize for the one who guesses the secret identity first.

A special (and cute) New Year's Eve party game is to have your guests supply a baby picture of themselves before the party date and have everyone try to guess which baby has grown up to be which guest. Try to get the guests to email you their photos ahead of time and print them out the same size and in black and white so that they look comparable - a sepia-toned picture is a dead giveaway for Grandma!

Whichever New Year's Eve party games you have lined up for your guests, don't force anyone to participate if they don't want to; they're at your party to enjoy themselves, so let them do just that. Make sure everyone who's drinking has a designated driver to take them home, too, and that way you will all have a Happy New Year!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for New Year's Eve Party Games?

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