New Year's Eve Party Ideas - a Fun Time for Family and Friends

Are you seeking inspiration for New Year's Eve party ideas?

When it comes to ideas for New Year's Eve parties, you might be running out of them. Should you have a themed party? Play games? Do you even have to have something different or is it possible that lots of people just like to spend time together?

Here are some New Year's Eve party ideas that can help you out.

  • Stick with your usual New Year's party idea, but add a theme of some kind. For instance, add some wigs and sun glasses and see how everyone can get into character with the event.

  • Set the New Year to a soundtrack of your favorite songs throughout the year. You can make your own list, or you can go off the top 40 list and finish out with the number 1.

    Lucky Foods

    Sometimes, making little changes is a big deal, so one New Year's Eve party idea is to incorporate something such as lucky foods to make everyone feel good about the upcoming year. Here are some of them from around the world.

  • Grapes - the Spanish believe that this fruit will declare the upcoming year. Sweet grapes represent good months to come. Sour grapes represent less than lucky months. Make a game of it and have everyone eat 12 quickly at the stroke of midnight to see who will be lucky and who won't.

  • Black Eyed Peas - The food, not the band. Southern tradition says that eating these makes you humble and humility invites good fortune. You might have to tell some people about this tradition to get them to actually eat them, but with some good recipes, you'll find they taste great and are a fantastic addition to any meal.

  • Lentils - The Italians believe that eating lentils will bring about wealth, so eat up, everyone.

  • Bread with a coin in it - Bake a coin into a loaf of your favorite kind of bread and see who finds it. Finding the coin might make you lucky.


    One New Year's Eve party idea is to make it a game night and provide a place for the kids if most of your guests have them. This means that your guests don't have to hire a sitter and you won't either. Set them up in the den, or living room, or other place that you have for kids to hang out and have fun. Get them going with video games and snack foods and watch them have a great night.

    For the adults, you can have "grown up" games in another room. You can choose anything from poker to other grown up games so both the adults and the kids can have a great time.

    New Year Traditions

    Need more New Year's Eve party ideas? You could try out some New Year's Eve traditions from around the world.

    For instance, in England at midnight, they open the back door to "let the old year out." You can do this too and you might find you have a better upcoming year. Or, try releasing birds and turtles if you're in a warm climate like the Southeast Asians. This is said to be a way to ensure good luck.


    Do any of the above New Year's Eve party ideas appeal to you?

    As you crack your head for New Year's Eve party ideas, remember one thing - most people have a really good time just getting together with friends. They dress up (or not), they cut loose, eat too much, listen to music, maybe drink too much and just have a general good time.

    One of the best things about getting together with friends and having a party is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. Invite new friends and old and watch everyone mingle.

    Have fun!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite New Year's Eve Party Ideas and Tips?

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