Pest Control Bees Solutions - Useful Tips and Remedies

Are you seeking pest control bees solutions?

Bees have a very important part to play in the pollinating of plants, flowers and trees. As they buzz from one flower to another, they transport pollen, which helps the plant make new seeds through the process of pollination.

Honey bees also make nature's natural sweetener, honey. Honey is used in many different herbal preparations and is known to cure sore throats and flu like symptoms when combined with lemon.

On the other side of the coin, bees can sometimes become pests in your garden and the roof of your house. Bees have a very effective defense mechanism built into their tail-like abdomen that releases a poison when the bee is irritated or agitated. This is often referred to as a bee sting and can be quite dangerous, especially in adults and children who are allergic to the substances in the bee sting. Pest control bees solutions are thus important.

A carpenter bee has the capability of causing serious structural damage to your home as it builds its nests inside the wood and walls of the house. These nests are very well hidden; as a result, huge colonies can come about before the nest is noticed. This situation is particular dangerous especially if you have small curious children in the home who love to play with insects and explore any type of new and interesting things in the garden.

So what are some useful pest control bees solutions?

The best way to keep control of bees around the house is to make sure that all the holes in and around your home are filled and sealed, which will stop the bees from getting into the home. Holes between the roof sheeting, ceilings and walls need to be sealed with a waterproof sealant to ensure that the rain does not wash the sealant away.

What if there already are bees in the house? What pest control bees solutions can be used, then?

If bees have already established a home in your house, then the process becomes a little more difficult to eradicate or reduce the bees. An age old remedy for pest control bees is to use burning newspaper crammed into the bee hives to smoke the bees out of their home. This needs to be done with caution and preferably while wearing protective clothing like gloves, masks and overalls with long sleeves and legs. Once the bees have flown away, you can then break the hive down easily using a long stick and jabbing the hive with the point.

When breaking the hive down, it is critical that every last piece of the hive is swept away, as the bees will return and possibly make a new home in the same place if it is not all cleared away. Use a broom or brush on a long stick to brush the remainder of the hive off the walls and floors, and then make sure all the debris is thrown away in a sealed plastic bag or bin.

Although bees play a vital role in the pollination of trees, plants and flowers, they can be very hazardous in large numbers. Pest control bee solutions are thus important. Keeping a look out for any new hives being built and clearing them out before they get big is the best way to control the infestation of bees.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Pest Control Bees Solutions, Tips and Remedies?

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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