Pest Control Rats Remedies - Tips and Ideas to Get Rid of Rats

Are you in need of some pest control rats remedies?

Rats aren't a fun pet to have hanging around the house. If you live near water, or have garden compost, chances are you have experienced the presence of a rat or two.

Cats are a great preventative measure for rats around your home, but not everyone is able to keep a cat. This article will give you some great ideas for pest control rats remedies.

Types of Pest Control

There are a few different types of pest control for rats:

  • Biological Pest Control: Biological pest control is a rather natural method of having one species eliminate another species - survival of the largest and fittest.

  • Poisoned Bait: This used to be the most common rat control method on the market. It has lost some of its popularity as it can also affect small household pets.

  • Elimination of Breeding Grounds: The easiest and most cost effective way of pest control is to eliminate breeding grounds. Keep your home and yard tidy and free of debris, eliminate composts or keep them away from your home, and ensure that any small entryway into your home is properly covered.

    3 Easy Ways To Rid Yourself Of Rats

    So what are some useful pest control rats remedies?

  • Prevention: The best way to get rid of rats is to prevent their entry into your home in the first place. Prevention is better than any cure. Place screens on windows and small vents, ensure water pipes have good insulation with no gaps, and keep food items sealed or in closed containers. Keeping your yard clear of unnecessary debris is also helpful.

  • Natural Predators: Rats are naturally afraid of cats and dogs. Having a household pet will help to keep your home free of rats. Remember that if you are using any type of rat poison, to keep it well away from your beloved pets.

  • Natural Odors: Another interesting and harmless way to keep the rats at bay is to understand that rats can't tolerate certain odors and use it against them. Planting peppermint, citronella and spearmint is a fabulous way of eliminating rats around your home, while these pest control rat remedies can also beautify your house at the same time.

    Types Of Rat Traps

    For those of you who need or prefer to use a rat trap rather than other methods of pest control rats remedies, you should be aware that there are two types of rat traps available in the market and choose accordingly.

  • One type of rat trap kills the rats once they have been baited into the trap, similar to a mouse trap.

  • Another type of rat traps keep the rats enclosed, killing them later rather than faster.

    How to Keep Rats Out of Your Home

    You have successfully rid your home of those bothersome rats using pest control rats remedies, and you now need to know how to keep your home rat free. Here are a few hints.

  • Remove or trim any tree branches near your home that give rats an easy way to climb to your roof. They love to nest in attics where it is warm and cozy. Keeping the trees trimmed will make it just that much harder for a rat to find its way up to your attic.

  • Don't let your plants become overgrown and touching your home - they also provide an easy access for rats to enter your house.

  • Try to keep the garbage cans away from your home, preferably in an enclosure that has a good lid on it.

  • Make sure to block all openings (such as vents) with rigid metal screen or other tough materials that won't allow rats easy access to your home.

  • Keep composts away from your house. A far corner of the yard should help keep rats away from your house.

    Following these simple and common sense advice for pest control rats remedies should help you not only rid your home of rats, but also help prevent them from becoming a nuisance in the future.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Pest Control Rats Solutions, Tips and Remedies?

    Do YOU have in mind some tips and ideas for getting rid of rats? Share and write about these pest control rats solutions, tips and remedies here!

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