Quick Summer Recipes - Fast Preparation of Simple Foods

Are you looking for some quick summer recipes?

It's summer - and who wants to be slaving over a hot stove in a heat wave? You do not want to turn on the oven and heat the house up, so you have to think of quick and easy summer recipes that will still satisfy your family's hunger and help you to keep your cool.

This is the time to utilize your outdoor grill, Panini maker, electric double-sided grill, wok and saute pans. If you can get your husband to cook dinner on the barbecue, that would be an even better idea!

One great and easy quick summer recipe is to serve chicken tenders marinated in a soy-ginger mix threaded onto bamboo skewers (remember to soak the skewers first so they don't burn) and quickly grilled. They can be served with rice and whatever vegetables your family prefers.

Or you can make fried rice to accompany the chicken by sauteing chopped mushrooms, green onions and garlic in a wok and adding cooked white or brown rice. To this, add a couple of eggs beaten together and seasoned well that you've cooked in a frying pan like a large pancake. Cut the cooked egg pancake into strips and add to the rice and vegetable mixture along with a little soy sauce.

You have just made Chicken Yakitori and fried rice! You can substitute marinated peeled shrimp for the chicken if you prefer.

Need more ideas for quick summer recipes? Other grill favorites are kebabs made with pork, chicken, shrimp or steak threaded onto skewers. Alternate the meat or shrimp with slices of peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

Don't pack the skewers too tightly, though, or the meat won't cook properly - this is especially important when cooking chicken and pork. Of course, you can make hamburgers and hot dogs, but kebabs make a welcome change - just be sure to remove the skewers before serving them to the kids!

A cooked chicken from your local supermarket can be the basis for many quick summer recipes. Everyone has a Chicken Divan recipe! Or you could make Chicken Quesadillas with chopped, cooked chicken, Monterey Jack cheese and cilantro. Grill them in a pan and serve with guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Chicken salad sandwiches make an easy dinner if you serve them with salad, or simply pile the chicken salad onto your choice of salad greens, add dressing and serve with crusty bread.

Here's another quick summer recipe idea - how about a Philadelphia favorite for dinner? Cheese steak sandwiches are easy to make and the kids will love them. This quick summer recipe comes from Pat's King of Steaks, a Philadelphia institution for many years, and is ready to eat in just over 15 minutes.

To make four cheese steaks, you will need one large onion, a 32oz package of Steak-umm frozen sliced beef, oil for frying the onions and steak, Provolone cheese or Cheez Whiz, sauteed peppers if you wish, and 4 crusty rolls.

Gently fry the sliced onion and set aside. Quickly cook the sliced beef and cover with a slice of cheese. Allow cheese to melt, then lay the meat and cheese on the rolls, add the onions and peppers and serve. If using Cheez Whiz, warm it in a double boiler or microwave in a microwave-safe dish and spoon over the sandwiches.

Another of the easy quick summer recipes would be Panini made with ham, chicken or turkey and topped with pesto, roasted peppers, sauteed onions, cheese - whatever your family enjoys. Serve with a salad and dinner is ready!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Quick Summer Recipes?

Do YOU have in mind some great tips and ideas for quick summer recipes? Share and write about these ideas and tips for summer foods and recipes here!

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