Retirement Gift Ideas - Tips for Great Presents for Retirees

Are you seeking inspiration for retirement gift ideas?

When a person retires, he usually has a few plans that he would like to carry out, especially with all the free time he will have on his hands. He will probably share his plans with friends and family around him, so this is a perfect starting point to figuring out what kind of gift he would really enjoy.

If a person is an avid reader, then you can't go wrong with buying him novels written by his favorite author. Having more time to read is a real privilege, so spending those long lazy days reading in his favorite chair will definitely be on his list. For retirement gift ideas, it is also advisable to buy gift vouchers for his favorite book store, so that he can pick out the books he hasn't read yet; this works well if you are not sure which novels he enjoys.

A person that enjoys fishing will absolutely love to get that great fishing rod or even a tackle box with any number of fishing gadgets and bait. There are plenty of guides on learning how to fish as well as what bait to use for which fish - these are very often available for free download on the internet and make a great addition to anyone's fishing gear.

A lot of people who retire plan to travel to their favorite cities or towns, and some even plan to go on an overseas trip. An engraved passport holder is the perfect retirement gift idea, a present which they can use while experiencing their new found freedom. Add some pizzazz to this gift by giving them a travel pack which includes small bottles for their toiletries and a money holder which straps around their waist. Basically, anything that will make their trip easier will be a great gift.

Need more great retirement gift ideas?

Avid gardeners will enjoy a gift basket filled with flower bulbs, seeds and fertilizer. If you are not sure what to put in the gift basket, then visit your local gardening shop, where you can get ideas of what to add. Use a large watering can instead of a basket, and add a small spade and fork which you can have engraved with their names and maybe a quirky saying that they are renowned for.

For those people who are planning to relax, just enjoy some sunshine and revel in their free time, then a garden or tree hammock is the perfect retirement gift idea for them. There is a vast array of different styles of hammocks to choose from, and they are usually priced to fit your budget too. Add a leather bound journal book which they can use to write their thoughts and ideas into while soaking up the peace of nature in their hammock.

Ladies will probably plan to spend some time pampering themselves with facials and massages, so giving them a gift voucher for a spa day will really bring a smile to their face. Make sure you include some exotic services, like a mud bath or a crystal massage, to give them something exciting to look forward to.

Any of these retirement gift ideas will definitely leave the person who is retiring with a positive, hopeful outlook to the free time they will be able to enjoy. All the best in your search for the most fantastic retirement presents!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Retirement Gift Ideas and Tips?

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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