Retirement Party Ideas - Tips to Celebrate a Retiree's Work Life

Do you need some inspiration for retirement party ideas?

Retirement is an accumulation of your many years of service in the work industry. Your children have grown, you have managed to put them through school, keep them fed and clothed, provide a roof over your heads, and take the family on the occasional vacation, all after many years of hard work.

Retiring is a big event, and is usually celebrated by your place of employment as well as your family. This article will help you get some ideas as to what type of retirement celebration will work for you.

Planning a Retirement Party

Mentioned below are some retirement party ideas for planning this celebration:

  • Choosing The Venue: A proper venue is important for a retirement party. Some people are happy just having a small celebration at their place of employment. Others want a big sendoff, complete with music, food, and gifts. Whatever you prefer, perhaps it is best to start with a budget and go from there. A budget will give you a good idea if you are going to entertain a few, many, or something in between. You could choose a restaurant, a banquet hall, or an outdoor venue if the weather is appropriate.

  • Choose A Theme: As part of retirement party ideas, you might want to choose a theme for your celebration. This is especially fun if you have been at the same place of employment for many years. If you started at this company in the 60's, for example, you could use the 60's as your theme. Have the guests dress in 60's attire, use 60's music, etc. If you have pictures you can blow up and post of the company from that era, it would add to the theme and decor of the event.

  • Invitation: Some form of invitation will be in order - formal or informal, it is up to you. Email is quickly becoming a suitable form of communication, especially in the workplace, so email invitations are rapidly becoming more and more acceptable. In any invitation, an RSVP is important, so don't neglect to add this to your party invites.

  • Decoration: How about retirement party ideas for decorations? Decorations are optional at a retirement party. If you choose to decorate, many party supply stores have balloons and streamers as well as banners that celebrate retirement. If you are having a theme, then using decorations to follow your theme would be appropriate. If you are holding your event at a restaurant, ensure that the establishment is okay with you decorating.

  • Include Games and Activities: Games are always entertaining at any party. Perhaps some trivial pursuit that is suited to the time era that the retiree began his or her career, or a dance contest with dances themed the same.

  • Karaoke Music: Karaoke is always a hit, and you will find that using karaoke as a retirement party idea will really liven things up.

  • Plan A Surprise: How about planning a surprise for the retiree during his or her retirement party? It isn't always easy to manage to surprise someone who is retiring, but one retirement party idea is to hold a small gathering at the workplace, while secretly planning a bigger bash to be held at a later date.

  • Dress: Since it is your retirement party, you need to dress up special. The dress should be comfortable and should make you feel happy and relaxed off the burden of earning. Retirement comes at an old age, and wearing too gaudy clothes will make you look stupid, so avoid doing this.

  • Gifts and Presents: How about retirement party ideas regarding presents to be given to the retiree? Most retirement parties will include gifting the retiree with something special as a memento of their years of service, such as a watch. It is entirely up to the individuals if they want to gift or not. If you decide to pool money for one large gift, make sure you include this information on your invitations.

With these retirement party ideas, tips and suggestions, you are now ready to plan a perfect retirement party for a friend, fellow worker, family member, or even yourself. Don't forget to make a plan and follow it. All the best, and have fun!

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