Romantic Birthday Ideas for that Special Someone - Things to Do and Gifts to Get

Are you seeking inspiration for romantic birthday ideas?

Getting a surprise from a partner for a birthday is fantastic, but when it is romantic as well, that somehow seals the occasion.

There are so many fabulous romantic ideas for birthdays, ones that your partner will remember for the rest of his or her life. Make sure to remind yourself a month in advance of your partner's birthday, so that you can plan the perfect, romantic birthday - one which will never be forgotten.

Everyone knows that red roses are the ultimate in romantic flowers, and, when done in a special way, can have so much more meaning than simply handing them over, or having them delivered.

For instance, whatever age your partner is, have that many red roses, and ask your partner to meet you in a specific place, at a certain time. You be at the place beforehand, and arrange with different people to give your partner a red rose, and a birthday wish. Do this with half the amount of the roses. Your partner will be absolutely thrilled to receive birthday wishes and a red rose from perfect strangers! You present your partner with the remaining roses, and birthday wishes, and watch him / her positively glow with happiness! What a romantic birthday idea.

Then again, watch your partner get the surprise of his / her life when you are driving down the road on his / her birthday, and your partner sees a 20-foot birthday banner suspended between two trees. You are basically telling everyone just how much you love your partner - certainly one of the more inspiring romantic birthday ideas.

Of course, the birthday card you give to your partner together with a gift, should be absolutely drenched in your favorite perfume or aftershave. This sweet-smelling card will last forever, and remind your partner each time he / she smells it, how romantic you are.

Jewelry is another super-romantic way to show your partner just how much you love him / her. Just make sure to purchase the type of jewelry your partner likes to wear, and not something that you like.

A romantic evening in also works wonders as romantic birthday ideas. A candle-lit dinner, a bath filled with scented bubble bath and rose-petals, topped off with a fantastic dinner and THE gift - fabulous!

Another great romantic birthday idea is to have a customized CD made of all the special romantic songs that were yours and your partner's favorites, from the time that you met, especially if it includes a song that you consider "your" song. Of course, you will play this CD during the fabulous birthday meal you share that evening, after which you snuggle up on the sofa to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the custom coffee mugs that you have had made specially for your partner's birthday.

Instead of simply purchasing a birthday card for your partner, go online and find romantic poetry. Have these printed on special paper and beautifully bound. This is really a great romantic gift that will be much appreciated by your partner. It is something that has obviously taken a lot of thought on your part, which makes it all the more special, and will be a keepsake forever.

Are you inspired by any of these romantic birthday ideas?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Romantic Birthday Ideas and Surprises?

Do YOU have some fine romantic ideas to make your loved one feel special on his or her birthday? How about a romantically wondrous birthday surprise? Share and write about your great romantic ideas here!

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