Romantic Birthday Surprises - Cool Ideas to Consider

Need some cool ideas for romantic birthday surprises?

Everyone deserves to feel extra special on the day that they celebrate being born. No matter how young or old one is, getting a romantic surprise will turn an ordinary birthday into an extraordinary experience.

Bear in mind that planning a romantic surprise on birthdays is as much about the gift you buy as about the thought and effort you put into making it a day to remember for years to come.

Having flowers with a personalized card or a gift basket with a selection of nuts, fruit and wine delivered to your loved one's office will definitely create a stir, but more than that it will remind everyone that it is your loved one's birthday. Sending the exact number of red roses to represent the years or months you have been together or the first wine you drank together will add that extraordinary romantic touch.

Breakfast in bed is, of course, always a winning formula when it comes to romantic birthday surprises, especially if it is served with freshly brewed coffee, some piping hot croissants, and an array of cheeses, cold meats and spreads. Arrange the breakfast on a tray with some flowers in a vase and a card, or if your loved one does not appreciate flowers that much, replace the flowers with a small gift wrapped with ribbon.

One personal favorite for romantic birthday surprises is to slip a few notes saying how much you appreciate them into their lunch pack, or if they buy lunch, slip them into their purse or wallet with some extra money tied to it with a ribbon. You can also slip these notes into their appointment book or type a message on their PDA or laptop calendar that will pop up when they open it.

If you are into grand gestures, then planning a night out to the theatre, a romantic movie, or a choice restaurant is the way to go for romantic birthday surprises. Try to plan a few extras ahead of time, like ordering a corsage or a single long stemmed rose to be placed on the table when you arrive; combine this with bubbling, sparkling champagne chilling in a bucket and you can't go far wrong.

One way you are guaranteed to create the perfect romantic birthday surprise is the classic weekend getaway. With the wonders of the internet, finding a wood cabin in the middle of nowhere with plenty of trees and fresh air is an absolute breeze. Make sure you are well stocked on sensual foods like oysters, muscles and strawberries with cream for pudding. Take a thick soft rug with so you can be comfortable in front of the roaring fire or sitting under the trees on a starlit evening.

Being romantic is not as difficult as some people fear, and getting it right very often depends on the little arrangements and the amount of thought that goes into the preparation. Don't be scared to go over the top with the ideas for romantic birthday surprises - after all, showing someone you love them on their birthday is the most natural thing in the world.

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