Sample Church Fundraising Letters - Examples You Could Use or Adapt

Are you looking for sample church fundraising letters?

If you are raising money for church, you could use these sample church fundraising letters to ask businesses and people in your area to contribute.

Dear Mr Bernade,

This letter is written on behalf of the Modern Baptist Church community in Idaho. We are a close knit community and work together to raise funds for not only church repairs, but all sorts of repairs which need to be carried out in the area surrounding the church too.

We currently run fund raisers at least once a month; however, most of our community members are poor and live under the bread line. We have managed to raise $7,500.00 to have our community charity hostel's roof repaired; however, it will take us another two years to raise the rest of the money for the repairs.

Our community charity hostel is used to house people who have fallen on hard times and who need a warm bed and a hot meal. At the moment, the roof is leaking so badly that we have had to vacate a few rooms as the water just pours from the ceiling. This reduces our capacity to house homeless people by 40% and we are sure you can imagine how these people have to suffer in the winter months.

We very kindly request your assistance in the form of either the donation of materials needed so that we can repair the roof ourselves, or alternatively a donation to help us boost our current fund coffers.

With winter looming around the corner, we are desperate to repair the community charity hostel's roof so that we can keep as many people warm and dry this winter as possible.

We look forward to receiving your favorable response and pray that you will be blessed for any contribution you can offer us.

Kind regards,

Roy Steel


Appended below is another sample church fundraising letter. The following sample church fundraising letter has a different tone of voice attached to it.

Good Day!

The condition of the church roof is so bad, we need to buy either umbrellas, bucket or shingles! Shingles would work very nicely don't you think?

Idaho Roofer's has given us a discounted rate of $10,000.00 to replace the roof. We plan on having the project completed before the next town festival, which only gives us a few more weeks to raise the money.

We have arranged that a plaque bearing your company logo and your name will be mounted in a special place outside the church, where people can see it as they pass by, to ensure that you are recognized for your contribution to this very important project.

We have organized many upcoming fundraising events to help raise funds to complete this project and hope that you could donate any of the items mentioned in the list attached. We also have stands and stalls available which you can sponsor and display your company name and logo for advertising.

We would sincerely appreciate any help you could offer us.

Kind Regards,

Roy Steel

When writing any sample church fundraising letters, it is important to appeal to the person's soft side, and also to make sure that they will receive recognition for their contribution.

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