Church Fundraising Ideas - Tips for Church Fundraisers

Are you seeking inspiration for church fundraising ideas?

As far as most churches go, fundraisers are a necessity.

While tithes and offerings do well for supporting the pastor and his family, buying supplies and getting the church bills paid, it does little for a new roof or for getting kids to the mission field during their summer vacation. Traditionally, this is where tubs of cookie dough or popcorn come in and save the day.

One of the best things about church fundraisers is their ability to make a good bit of their funds from the members at the onset of their particular drive or event. It's pretty nice when you can walk out of Sunday morning service and right into a sausage / pancake breakfast or bake sale.

Another good choice for church fundraising ideas for the women's group (works best when coupled with other women's or craft organizations in the area) is to get together, quilt a nice piece and advertise a raffle. Bazaars have proven successful in the past, and at certain times of the year along with a bake sale will still do well, but people's taste has changed over the last decade. With this new age of technology, people spend more time in front of the TV or a game than ever.

The idea of pre-made and almost done - like tubs of cookie dough that is ready to be put on the cookie sheets and baked in fifteen, is pretty appealing. The trick for such church fundraising ideas is finding an avenue that is unique to either the area or season - something every church, school or charity is not already using. Of course, everyone knows chocolate will never go out of style - ask any moody woman!!

Candles are ever popular and they can be another church fundraising idea. And they come to match any decor, any color, or for any season. They come in traditional wax or in green versions that are soy based. Scents are another aspect of candles that make them irresistible. Some come with a ceramic shade, while others have a metal base to complement them.

The good thing about this type of fundraiser is that you almost never have to have the money up front. Often, you have until your merchandise comes in.

The youth of the church are generally who needs money when the fundraisers are in the making. Perhaps the youth group wants to take a trip, or some of the young people would like to be a part of a team going to help missionaries out in the field. Even in the US, there are many underprivileged areas that need volunteers. Because it is such a worthy cause, and because people can see the value of the end result as well as their part in giving to the cause, church fundraising ideas for youth seldom fails.

For them, you might consider walk or bike-a-thons. You might bid on them to perform tasks around your home / yard, or you might hire them around the holidays to help you with dinner parties, to wrap your gifts, or to address your envelopes for outgoing cards.

For more church fundraising ideas, you may wish to browse the rest of this website, which discusses many other tips and ideas for fundraisers, or you could use the website's search function.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Church Fundraising Ideas and Tips?

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