Fundraising Ideas for Kids - Suggestions and Important Tips

Are you looking for some fundraising ideas for kids?

Now, you know that your school has a few fundraisers each year, and that's all fine and good, but what about when your kids have to fundraise for something else, such as their sports team?

This might require a different kind of fundraising, and that means different ideas, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some really great fundraising ideas for kids that you can use.

Some good ideas can really help you to make raising money more fun than you ever thought possible, but it will take some planning and work. A truly good, successful fundraising idea should be a little different, or at least fun, and maybe won't have much to do with deliveries or struggling to sell anything.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose one or more of these great ideas and start planning.

  • Hold a large barbecue benefit. Strike up a deal with your local grocery store to get a discount on the supplies you'll need (consider printing the store's name on some team shirts or putting their logo on a sign in the field where you commonly play). You can either choose to tell team families and their friends and family, or you can go big and public.

  • Need more fundraising ideas for kids? Why not add a bake sale to the mix? You should be careful about rules, regulations and guidelines for food safety that your particular group has, and then go ahead and get to work. A good old fashioned bake sale is a great way to keep people full and satisfied while making a little bit of money in the process.

  • Another fun way to make money for your kid's fundraising needs might be to have a raffle. You can do this at your team barbecue, or you can hold your raffle at an awards banquet. Raffles are a great way for you to make money when you team up with some local businesses for donations, and your organization can really profit.

  • Coupon books are another of the great fundraising ideas for kids, because people really want and need these big books of savings. Consider the ever popular Entertainment book, which is available in 150 cities.

  • Recycling for charity might be a great way for kids to begin making and continue making money, because it will bring in a regular income. When you set up recycling containers and have friends and family drop off their recyclables at this location, your school or sports team can take them in once a month or so.

The most important thing about fundraising ideas for kids is to make sure that the fundraiser you're considering is kid friendly and easy to do. You should make sure that you choose a fundraiser which won't last too long, or the kids in your group might lose focus.

Also, you need to make sure that all activities are safe, so that you don't have to worry about any kind of door to door sales or expectations that will put your children at risk.

Oh, and don't forget to make it fun. Fundraisers for kids are about getting children involved in making money for their cause, so if you want it to be really successful, fundraising ideas for kids should be something that the children will think is fun and look forward to doing.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Fundraising Ideas for Kids?

Do YOU have in mind some useful tips and pointers for fundraising ideas for kids? Share and write about these fundraiser tips and ideas for children here!

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Fundraising Ideas for Kids - Suggestions and Important Tips

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