Sample Fundraising Letters - Important Tips, Ideas and Pointers

Are you looking for sample fundraising letters?

There are some important elements of sample fundraising letters which you should be looking out for, whether you are drafting your own or looking for readymade examples. Here are some tips and ideas to guide you along.

Fundraising letters are sent out by the millions each year in the hope of enlisting people's help and financial support for a particular cause. For individuals, this usually begins with family, friends and the people you work with. The letter might be simple and on a more personal note.

Say, for instance, your church is organizing a walkathon for the purpose of sending underprivileged children to camp next summer, and you would like to participate because you believe this to be a worthy cause.

When drafting sample fundraising letters, your first challenge will be to get people to support you. By doing so, they will commit to a certain amount of money for every mile you walk. Some will only be able to donate a minimum of perhaps a dollar for every mile, while others can commit to $3 or even $5 per mile.

Your sample fundraising letter will have to state the importance of sending kids to camp by allowing the readers to glimpse your vision. It will have to give an account of your organization and their dedication to the cause. If you have a Facebook page or other links that might better explain your organization's plans for the children they are able to help, it would be of benefit to include these as well. Also, you might remind them that all donations are tax deductible and they will be given a receipt for their convenience.

Be sure to thank them for their involvement, their time, and any effort they might show in the form of support. Include details such as phone number, address of organization, and the name they can make a check out to. Some organizations have perks such as matching programs that can double funds. Make that known to them in your sample fundraising letter.

This is one of the most direct and effective ways of communicating your goals to people who care about you. It lets them see your heart and that type of interaction is generally profitable. It goes a longer way when you include a return, stamped, address envelope - also email address to keep in touch, etc. Sell yourself, your ability, and your belief in your cause.

Recruiting supporters of those who do not know you is much the same. People like to know who they are supporting, and many would rather support something happening in their own community rather than anywhere else, as it gives them a deeper sense of involvement as well as commitment. This goes for businesses as well as individuals. And there is nothing wrong with letting them know due to tough times, precious lives are missing out. Emotion is a powerful tool, and you may want to use that in sample fundraising letters.

Always include your part in not only the organization, but also the event, so that they know just how actively they will participate by supporting you. "You may not be able to be out walking due to work or children or another type of schedule," you might say. "But I have the time and our combined effort can make a difference."

Also always include all the information they will need to respond effectively - name, phone numbers and supervisors for verification purposes. If there are to be promotional / advertising materials, remind them their name can be recognized publicly. It is about relationship, even to those you do not know.

With these tips and ideas, you should now have a better picture of what should be in sample fundraising letters.

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