Silver Anniversary Gifts - Presents to Celebrate 25 Years

Are you seeking great ideas for silver anniversary gifts?

A silver anniversary is a very special celebration in which you acknowledge and thank your partner for the quarter of a century of love, patience, time, consideration and understanding he or she has dedicated to your marriage.

Any couple whose marriage reaches their silver anniversary should be revered and admired for the longevity, adaptability, strength and flexibility with which they have navigated the rough seas of their ocean.

The couples who can look back on their lives from a twenty five year old ship are few and far between and should be celebrated with friends, family and children in the most grandiose of ways. A silver anniversary should be a time of reflection on what the couple has achieved as well as the wonderful lives of their children and the welcoming arms of their home.

Silver or shiny metallic is the traditional material for this anniversary, as is the iris flower, so giving a gift made of silver with a combination of the iris flower is perfect. A silver vase with intricate lacey patterns bordering an engraving of an iris flower is a perfect silver anniversary gift, especially when you add a bunch of fresh brightly colored iris' in the vase.

If you would prefer to give a rose as a symbol of love and fulfillment, then why not order a bunch of roses crafted from silver with a personal message engraved on the stems. You can present them in a plain silver or glass vase which is wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon.

Silver anniversary gifts which are a grand gesture would be flight tickets to visit the grandchildren or a special place like where you got married or the park where you first met. Present the flight tickets in a beautiful card made from silver paper and slip the card and the tickets into a silver envelope.

As a silver anniversary gift, why not plan that once in a lifetime trip to Italy, Germany or France, where you can spend a few weeks touring the continent of Europe while enjoying each other's company all over again. While in Paris, try to arrange a special dinner on or near the Eiffel Tower so that you can spend a romantic evening celebrating your very special silver anniversary.

When looking for gifts to give a couple who is celebrating their silver anniversary, then look no further than the 25 years collection of photographs that are lying in your attic. For such silver anniversary gifts, choose a selection of around 5 to 10 photographs where you are sharing special occasions or which remind you of great memories, then arrange them in a collage on a large board. Spray the board silver before you permanently glue the photographs on, and this will create a beautiful border which fits in with the traditional theme. You can also have the collage framed in a silver frame if your budget allows.

The emphasis for a silver anniversary is special, thoughtful gifts that will represent the almost lifelong union of two very extraordinary people. That extra special touch you can contribute to any silver anniversary gift will be cherished and appreciated for many years to come.

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