25th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Presents to Mark Twenty Five Great Years

Are you looking for inspirational 25th anniversary gift ideas?

Once you have reached the 25th wedding anniversary, you are signifying a quarter of a century together. That's nothing to scoff at these days. Therefore, gifts and presents given during this particular anniversary should hold meaning and value, as well as be thoughtful.

The traditional 25th anniversary gift is silver. Actually, the modern gift for this anniversary is silver as well. It's one of the few anniversaries that do not have a different counterpart in the contemporary sense. Silver is known for its intensity and radiance, and therefore is symbolic of the marriage that still holds its original brightness.

The Iris is the traditional 25th anniversary flower. Of course, that isn't to say that other flowers can't be included as part of 25th anniversary gift ideas as well.

If you can't afford true silver, or you want to be a little more creative in your approach to the traditional gift giving ideas for this anniversary, then you can focus on the color aspect of silver instead of the actual material.

For example, if you would like to purchase roses for your spouse, or for your friends that are celebrating their anniversary, consider adding silver glitter to the petals in order to make them sparkle. You can also use glitter on anniversary cards, centerpieces, and balloons - fine 25th anniversary gift ideas, indeed.

If you are throwing an anniversary party, then it's fairly easy to find silver confetti. The confetti can then be sprinkled over the table in order to add the silver color to the festivities, as well as some sparkle and shine. You can also find silver colored candles, silver balloons, and silver colored plates and utensils to help with your decorations.

Silver colored ribbons can be used to tie around a gift that is not silver in nature. Silver ribbons can even be used to tie around airline tickets, concert tickets, or a key to a luxurious hotel room for the night.

Of course, if you want to purchase actual silver, then you have a lot of choices. Silver photo frames, candle holders, paper weights, and mirrors are all good 25th anniversary gift ideas in this department. Silver jewelry, which can also be found in sterling silver if you need to be more economical, is appropriate for both men and women.

If you are purchasing something for friends or family members on this special anniversary, then consider a 25th anniversary gift idea that is also a keepsake. For instance, you might want to think about a silver photo frame with a photo of the couple on their wedding day or when they were younger. There are also beautiful silver key chains that can be engraved with the couple's anniversary date.

For 25th anniversary gift ideas which are really fun, think about planning a trip to someplace that includes the word "silver" in it. A visit to a silver mine, a trip to Silver Springs, Maryland, or to Silverstrand Beach could all be interesting ways to celebrate your anniversary, while still being traditional in that you are using the word "silver' in your gift giving endeavors.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Presents?

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