Summer Camp Themes - Cool, Fun and Exciting Summer Camp Ideas

Are you part of the organizing team and scratching your head for summer camp themes?

It's almost time for summer to be here, so if you haven't come up with your summer camp theme, it's time to really begin thinking about it.

Kids absolutely love going to summer camps and there are plenty of summer camp ideas to choose from. Whether your camp is through your city recreational program, school, or church, planning well in advance will definitely be an asset.

Themes that are fun and lively are perfect for kids, as they don't want to go to camp and sit around all day. You will have to come up with ideas that draw kids in and keep them entertained all day. Here are a few summer camp theme ideas for you to ponder.

With all the buzz and excitement of American Idol in recent years, having an American Idol or America's Got Talent camp is a wonderful idea. You can encourage campers to develop their gifts and talents and show them off in a competition to be held at the end of camp.

For this camp, you can have different stations run by volunteers that can help children develop their talents. Include voice, instruments, acting, singing, and other various stations to help develop talents.

Set up a stage and have a few judges for a huge competition at the end of the week. Your campers will love the chance to get to perform in front of other campers. You can also have live performances of well-known entertainers throughout the week for inspiration as well.

Another great idea for summer camp themes is to imitate the show Fear Factor. You can have all sorts of activities throughout the camp week that will challenge campers to overcome their fears and be adventurous.

Most Fear Factor shows have some sort of yucky insect or food to eat, so you can do the same thing. You can have the children eat chocolate covered grasshoppers, BBQ mealworms, or throw a bunch of ingredients together to make a yucky tasting slop that they have to eat.

You can also have a small pool full of nasty ingredients that they have to sift through to get a prize. Ideas to fill the pool with are spaghetti sauce and noodles, tomato soup, vegetable oil, sand, pebbles, and whatever foods or ingredients that you want to use. The goal is to have it full of messy ingredients so that the campers will come out all messy.

For this summer camp theme, a final idea for the challenge is to create a difficult obstacle course for the kids to go through. You can time the campers and the one with the best time wins the event. Be sure to make this extra difficult, as it is the last event in the challenge.

You can have running, jumping, crawling, and swinging activities. You can also use tires lined up two-by-two for the campers to run through. Having a mud pit for the campers to army crawl through is a great idea as well.

A Fear Factor summer camp week will be a great hit and draw many campers in. Have fun with it and remember to keep safety your first priority.

These are just several ideas for summer camp themes, but there are many more, including fitness camp, environmental friendly camp, Survivor camp, nature camp, animal theme camp, technology camp, and so on. Begin your research and planning early to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your summer camp.

Have a fun and meaningful experience!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Summer Camp Themes?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for summer camp themes? Share and write about these ideas and tips for summer camps here!

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