Surprise Party Invitation Wording - Useful Ideas and Tips

Do you need help with surprise party invitation wording?

A great surprise party starts with the invitation and the right wording will ensure that your guest of honor has a time they will never forget and nobody says a word about it.

So where does one start when it comes to the wording of the invitations?

Many people choose to just use a store bought invitation that reflects the event and add the special wording from there. Many other people choose to send out an email, but if you're a custom type of person, then you might be thinking of making your own invitations or having them made, which means that you need some good ideas when it comes to wording.

The essentials

For surprise party invitation wording, the first thing you need to have down is the essentials for your surprise party. Without these, your invitation will be useless, so here's what your surprise party invitation wordings must include:

  • The event itself. In other words "Surprise 30th Birthday Party for Susan". Make sure to put the fact that you're holding a surprise party in bold letters because many people won't see it otherwise. A lot of the time this can be accomplished with a "Shhhhhh... It's a surprise party", or something to that effect.

  • Where you'll be holding it. Include the address of the location and a map for those who might not know how to get there.

  • The time. Make sure to specify what time you want the guests to get there, so that there will be plenty of time for the guest of honor to arrive and there will be no conflicting arrivals. You might even want to let your guests know what time you're expecting the guest of honor so they can better plan their arrival at the party.

  • The date. If you're holding the party on a Saturday, then put Saturday and then follow with the date. This will help to clarify any confusion about days or scheduling.

  • RSVP information. Many people forget to add this to the surprise party invitation wording, but the best planned parties always have RSVP's. Be sure to give guests plenty of time to get back to you, and include phone number, email address or any other way you want guests to let you know they will be coming (or not).

The extras

The extras are where you get a little bit creative on your surprise party invitation wording and add a little verse about the occasion itself. Are you just looking to have a good time with your guests and guest of honor? Then say that. When you choose a verse or make one up, you should always first decide what type of party it will be, so you can have a good idea of what it will be appropriate (or not) to say.

This is also where you should include information about whether or not kids will be attending. Guests like to know if they should bring the whole family or plan for a night out without the children. Usually, you know the group you're inviting, so if you think things will get to be a little too adult, consider encouraging babysitters.

For your surprise party invitation wording, take the time to mention gifts (or not) in the optional space that you'll likely have to work with. You can add something like, "No gifts please" or "gag gifts only please" to the bottom of the invitation if you like.

Surprise party invitation wording really isn't complicated or difficult when you know the basics and work from there. You can get creative and set the stage for a really great party when you plan ahead and get the invitations done the right way.

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