Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording - Ideas and Examples

Do you need some inspiration and ideas for surprise birthday party invitation wording?

Throwing a surprise birthday party is not an easy job, especially if the birthday person is a little nosy and can sniff a conspiracy from a mile away.

From the moment the invitations are out, there is a huge chance that someone is going to let the cat out of the bag, unless of course you explain that it is a surprise on the invitation. Here are some quirky surprise birthday party sayings which you can change, adapt and rearrange to use as surprise birthday party invitation wording.

There's a Birthday Party
and you're invited to show
But don't tell Adam, because he doesn't know
So if you can make it, here's a word to the wise
Make sure to come early
'cause it's a surprise
- Unknown

It's a surprise
and she has no idea!
- Unknown

It's a surprise!
- Unknown

Here are more examples of surprise birthday party invitation wordingÂ…

He's another year older
A new decade this year
And we want to surprise him
With all of you here
The party's a secret
He doesn't know yet
And if you keep quiet
A surprise he will get!
- Unknown

ELLIOT told me,
"No party, get me golf clubs instead!"
But when have I ever listened
to a thing that he's said?
So I decided to invite
those we hold dear
To help us celebrate
Since his birthday's in February
it should be a surprise
if you keep it a secret,
he will not surmise
- Unknown

Here are some ideas of surprise birthday party invitation wordings from 101InspirationalIdeas.comÂ…

Would you join us to say,
In a secretive way
Happy birthday
to our friend born in May.
Come dressed like Elton Johan and stay
To Dance to a golden oldies Deejay,
While we make Bella's birthday happy and gay.

There's a surprise birthday bash,
But beware, you might have to go for a splash,
Or spend lots of cash,
Because you might have to wear a forfeit tag,
So, even if you have to wear gag,
Don't let the cat out of the bag,

It's Andrew's Birthday Bash Surprise,
With lots of food and drinks supplies,
You will have to improvise,
To get a great prize,
But be very wise,
Not to ruin the surprise.

Hey, Hey, it's a surprise party for Blaze's Birthday,
You can come dressed as a star from Broadway,
Wear flat shoes to dance to a fantastic Deejay,
Join us on 13th of April and it's a Friday,
So we can party the night away.
But be sure not to sway,
And not tell Blaze it's a party for his Birthday.

Did you find any of the above ideas for surprise birthday party invitation wording useful?

To get your own surprise birthday party invitation wording, simply replace the names and dates in these lyrical poems, then add them to an invitation layout that matches your theme, so as to entice everyone to R.S.V.P and still keep mum about the surprise birthday party.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Examples for Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording?

Do YOU have in mind some ideas and tips for the wording of surprise birthday party invites? Perhaps some examples and sample birthday invitations to share? Share and write about your great birthday party invite wording ideas here!

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