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Need ideas for sweet 16 birthday cakes?

When your daughter is about to turn the big one-six, there sure is a lot to celebrate. While you go to great lengths to throw her a big party, one of the most important aspects is going to be her birthday cake.

Unless you're an experienced baker and cake-decorator, this is one you may want to leave to the pros. However, if you will be doing this yourself, you've got a lot of decisions to make. What flavor? How big does it need to be? What kind of frosting? But the biggest challenge is your design. Sweet 16 birthday cake designs may be easier to come up with than you'd think.

Maybe you're like many other parents and plan to buy your daughter a car for her sixteenth birthday. If so, making her cake resemble her car is a great idea! Even if she's already got a car, making a car-cake can be a symbol of her new freedom to drive.

There are a couple of ways to go about making a car cake. One way is to simply make a sheet cake, decorating it with a road-kind of scene using different colors and textures of frosting. You'll be sure to include "Happy Sweet 16" on the cake for lettering. And to top it off and tie-in the idea of the little miss reaching the age of driving-maturity, you should find a toy car (matchbox-car sized) that resembles the car she will be driving.

You may be able to special order her a car off the internet (look under specialty sites). You may have to order a car that is similar in body, but different in color. Leave it as is, or, several days before putting it on the cake, paint it to match the real-life version.

Another option is to make a round cake and decorate it like a tire with chrome wheels. If you're really creative, combining rice-cereal treats and actual cake, you could carve out a cake that truly resembles her car's shape and color it with the frosting. There are plenty of options for this sweet 16 birthday cake idea.

Or perhaps your daughter couldn't care less about the fact that she's old enough to drive (or perhaps you live in a place that the driving age is a bit older). Not a problem, you've got other options for sweet 16 birthday cakes.

If she is more of a "girly-girl" and likes pretty and elegant things, a cake that resembles ornate, stacked gift-boxes may be a good option. This is a bit easier to make on your own. Simply bake a few cakes each of varying square pan-sizes. You'll probably want to use pre-made rolled fondant for the frosting on this cake to give a smooth, polished look.

After you've baked your cakes and let them cool, make three separate cakes up to look like decorated gift boxes. You can use your imagination here and can make one to have a diamond-shaped quilted pattern on it. You can paint paisley patterns with varying colors of frosting. If you've got the right tools, you can air-brush metallic frosting-paint on one for a stunning, eye-catching design.

Once you've got each square covered in fondant and finished (except for the bows - they come last), stack them at angles on one another (like a pyramid). Smooth out your remaining fondant and create beautiful ribbons and bows for each box. Complete instructions for how to make a great fondant bow can be located on the internet. Finish with some real ribbons and bows if desired.

Wouldn't that be quite a cool sweet 16 birthday cake?

How about other ideas for sweet 16 birthday cakes?

If your daughter has always been your "little princess", her sweet 16 birthday cake is a great time to honor this. A round, multi-layer cake, smoothly frosted with a soft white base and draped pink bands to resemble ribbons, will take her breath away.

Bake your sweet 16 birthday cake, let it cool, and frost each layer before stacking. Using a cake decorator kit (easy to find at your local craft store), spread some thick pink ribbon-lines all around your cake. Include some wording on the front of the middle layer, saying something like, "Our Little Princess, Happy Sweet 16", and top with store-bought tiara, and you'll amaze even yourself.

This type of cake is almost more sentimental than ornate, and doesn't need to be too gaudy or overdone. And she certainly will feel like royalty knowing all the hard work you put into it!

As you can see, creating a memorable cake for your daughter's sweet sixteen isn't as difficult as one may assume. Just think a bit on her personality and likes, and you're bound to come up with sweet 16 birthday cakes which are unique and sentimentally special to both of you.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Ideas and Designs?

Have YOU designed or baked a wonderful birthday cake for a 16 year old before? Share and write about your great 16th birthday cake ideas here!

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