Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - Light Up Your Party

Are you in need of birthday cake decorating ideas?

The birthday cake itself is one of the most important aspects of the birthday celebration. These days, with all of the cake decorating shows that are airing on television, you are probably aware of the fact that cakes no longer have to be rectangle, flat, and boring. In fact, some cakes are works of art.

However, if you don't have the time, money, or inclination to create such a birthday cake, you can still be creative when it comes to your very own birthday cake decorating ideas.

Children's birthday cakes can be incredibly easy to decorate. Children are all about color, taste, and theme. Therefore, don't think that you need to rush out and buy a lot of fondant. In fact, if a child can't run their fingers over the icing and come away with a finger full, they're not going to be very happy.

Your theme will almost certainly dictate your cake idea. However, this doesn't mean that the decorations have to be expensive. Instead of having a professional place decorate your cake, consider doing it yourself. If your child's theme is Disney's "Cars", for example, then use plain black icing to make a road on the cake and then let your child use small matchbox cars featuring Sally, McQueen, and Mater to decorate their own cake.

Likewise, for birthday cake decorating ideas if your theme is "Dora the Explorer", pay a visit to a discount store to find small figurines of the popular characters. You can use icing available from almost any grocery store to draw on the cake and then use the figurines to flesh it out.

Of course, for adults, the birthday cake decorations might be a little different. Popular themes include luaus, over-the-hill, travel, sports, and hobbies. The good news is that regardless as to what your theme is, you can almost always find inexpensive decorations to go with them. Indeed, there are always creative birthday cake decorating ideas which you can use.

For example, if you are having a luau-themed birthday party, then you can use a lei around the bottom edge of the cake for color and contrast. You can then purchase small plastic palm trees and hula girls to decorate the top. You can even crumble up graham crackers or Oreo cookies to make the "beach."

For the person who loves to travel, making a runway with black or gray icing and then using a small plastic airplane can make a very interesting birthday cake. You can also purchase small international flags that can be used on the cake as well.

For your birthday cake decorating ideas, you can buy icing in almost every color at most grocery stores. You can also purchase applicator tips that fit directly onto the tubes themselves. If you want to make your own, you can also take a regular Ziploc baggie, fill it with icing, and then cut a hole in the corner of it. However, be warned that using this will take some practice.

If you don't want to make a rectangle cake or a circle cake that is one dimensional, then consider making 2 or 3 cakes of that size and then stacking them. This will require some cutting of the cake, and you'll have to wait until they have cooled down considerably, but it can definitely add both height and interest to the overall look.

Have you come across any birthday cake decorating idea which appeals to you?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas?

Do YOU have in mind some fun or unusual ways to decorate a birthday cake? Share and write about your great birthday cake decoration ideas here!

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