Teenage Birthday Party Ideas - Suggestions to Celebrate Your Teen's Big Day

Are you seeking inspiration for teenage birthday party ideas?

Planning a birthday party for a toddler and young child can be really easy. Throw together a cake, slap some party hats on people, maybe rent a clown or some riding ponies, and you've got it good.

But what about your teen? Teen birthday party ideas can be hard to come by. If you use your resources in your local community, however, you'll have no problem coming up with something fun and enjoyable for junior and his friends. And, chances are, you'll be able to have a pretty fun time, as well.

So, what are some cool and fun teenage birthday party ideas?

One suggestion would be a skating party. Now, you could take them to an actual skating rink, most of which have areas set aside for birthday parties. The price of throwing this kind of party can vary, but tends to be a little on the expensive side, once you've purchased admission, rentals, and food for each guest. But, this is a good option if your kiddo and most of the attendees do not have their own skate gear, such as roller skates or blades.

However, if your teen is an avid skater, and he and most of his friends have their own equipment, such as skates, boards, or bikes, you could search around your local area (or in surrounding cities) and find an outdoor skate park. Admission is usually free or donation-based (many skate parks are city-recreation projects funded with government-money), and the kids should have their own gear, so most of your expense is eliminated.

If you intend to use this teenage birthday party idea, do be sure to require each child to wear protective headgear, and if possible, elbow and knee pads, as well. Another convenient aspect of this type of party is that most outdoor skate parks are near outdoor parks with picnic areas. Many even have grilling stations. You could provide the meal by making hotdogs and hamburgers right there while the kids are having a grand old time.

Another of the teenage birthday party ideas would be to have a dollar movie outing. Most cities have dollar-movie theaters, which are just theaters that show movies many months after they've been released at a very discounted price. They also typically run multiple showings of different movies all day.

Plan your cinema party by taking your child and some of her friends to one movie. Step out of the theater for an hour or so and enjoy lunch or some outside time at a park. Then head back in for another movie.

This teenage birthday party idea is great for teens because they always seem to want to keep up with new movies, but nobody can afford to go to all of them. Many theaters are also allowing customers to bring in their own snacks now, so your main expense could be drinks for everyone.

A final suggestion for teenage birthday party ideas would be a pool party. This is something that can actually happen all year round and in virtually any type of climate, because most cities have indoor pools. Whether at your local fitness center, community center, or college facility, you are sure to find a pool in the area that you can take the kids to.

You could do this teenage birthday party idea during regular pool hours and simply pay the regular admission fee, or many pools offer after-hours parties for a flat fee. An after-hours party usually frees you to invite as many guests as you'd like and to bring in your own food to serve. This would be best suited for a big party where both family and friends are invited. The fees typically aren't as expensive as you'd think - enough to keep minimal-required lifeguard staff at the pool for up to 2 hours. This party would be well suited to a Hawaiian-luau style theme.

It's now obvious that throwing the perfect party for your teen isn't going to be nearly as tough as you might have thought! Just do some budgeting and research, and ask your kiddo what he or she is interested in doing, and you're bound to come up with a teenage birthday party idea that's a hit!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Teenage Birthday Party Ideas?

Do YOU have some fun and exciting tips and ideas for throwing a teen's birthday party? It's a big day for teenagers! Share and write about your great teen birthday party ideas here!

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