1st Birthday Party Ideas to Consider

Are you seeking 1st birthday party ideas?

Balloons, decorations, shiny paper, pretty bows, people are everywhere, and, to top it off, cake! Sounds like a birthday to me! And not just any birthday, it's baby's FIRST birthday!

Some people wonder, "if a baby probably won't remember it, why go to such great lengths?" It's safe to say that this particular birthday is more for the parents. But why not celebrate? After all, think of all the things that have happened in the last 365 days... birth, laughing, rolling over, crawling, standing, maybe even walking and talking! Who wouldn't want to throw a party to commemorate all that?

There are plenty of ways to host a memorable fiesta that are easy on the budget as well as low-stress on mom and dad. When it comes to 1st birthday party ideas, here are some things to think about.

First things first for 1st birthday party ideas: location. Where do you want to throw this shindig? Depending on where you live, outside on a deck or patio is a great option. During cooler months, bringing the party into the living / dining area is also a great option.

Don't feel like hosting the party at home? Check out local venues that rent out spaces, such as a VFW building. Also, some local restaurants or bowling alleys also have a party room, just be sure to check that they'll let you bring in your own cake. You might even be able to make a sweet deal on great pricing for snacks and activities!

Next for 1st birthday party ideas, think about a theme for your party. Sure, junior probably hasn't learned enough words yet to tell you what his favorite things are. That shouldn't stop you from making his big day special - just pick something significant to him and incorporate it as the theme of the party.

For example, maybe your little guy loves to put on his cowboy hat and ride on the rocking horse grandpa made for him. Voila! Throw a cowboy-themed party. Send out invitations that look like "Wanted" posters. Have your little man wear a cowboy hat and a bandana for the party. As favors, provide sheriff badge pins for all the little kids to wear. Make a cake in the shape of a boot or a horse.

Got a little girl? Does she squeal with delight when Wonder Pets comes on? Make invitations for her party in the shape of the wonder boat, and the cake, too. Maybe your baby loves Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, or Bob the Builder. Take the same ideas and apply it with any theme. Having a theme not only makes your party planning flow easier, but it also throws out a handy tip for gifts.

Have the abovementioned 1st birthday party ideas inspired you yet?

Another really important thing to think about regarding 1st birthday party ideas is the guest list. We've already established that this is more for mom and dad than anybody else. So, as parents, you've got total control over who's invited. Don't feel obligated to invite every person on your block or in your office building. Make up a short list of people who are involved in your baby's life.

Only thought of twenty people? That's perfect! Something small and personal will be less stressful for you, not to mention your child is less likely to panic and break down in a party with less people he or she already knows.

Finally, when considering and seeking a 1st birthday party idea, remember that you'll want to preserve as much of this as you can in memories. Make sure you've got an invitation for the scrapbook. Charge up your digital camera (or get an extra battery pack for it) and take a picture of the cake and decorations before your guests arrive. Make sure to get a family photo today, as well. Then, pass the camera off to an uncle or grandparent so you can focus your energy on baby. Stay calm, enjoy the party you put so much work into, and celebrate with your little one!

Have you found these 1st birthday party ideas and suggestions helpful? We certainly hope so!

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What Are YOUR Favorite 1st Birthday Party Ideas?

Do you have inspirational tips and ideas you used to jazz up your little one's first birthday? Write about them here!

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