Children's Birthday Cakes - Tips for Getting One

Over the years, children's birthday cakes have evolved from a simple white yummy treat to some of the greatest confectionery delights that we see today.

Let's face it; no birthday party is complete without a cake. This is even truer when it comes to a child's special day.

From simple to ornate multiple layers of delicious delight, there is probably nothing more important at a child's birthday party than the appearance of their special birthday cake. In fact, some say the appearance can be even more important than the actual taste. There is nothing better than the look of delight on a child's face when the birthday cake makes its entrance into the party.

Here are some ideas for youth or children's birthday cakes.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Toddlers

Let's begin with children's birthday cakes for little ones. When it comes to toddlers, nothing is more appealing than their favorite TV, movie, or cartoon character. This was very quickly turned into cake baking.

Toddlers love birthday cakes with designs of cartoon characters like Mini and Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Barbie, TeleTubbies, SpongeBob, or Toy Story characters. Any character from Walt Disney incorporated into a cake, whether by shape or a simple edible picture on top, is going to be a huge hit with the toddlers. Add a few plastic 3 dimensional figures for added decoration and you have a sure fire hit on your hands for the little ones. Great ideas for children's birthday cakes, indeed!

Birthday Cake Ideas for Teenagers

Birthday cakes for teenagers are a little bit different from children's birthday cakes, and take a little more thought to put together. Many teenage boys like sporty cakes with designs related to sports like football, baseball, rugby ball or a sports stadium. Pirates and sports, however, will work for either boys or girls.

Teenage girls are happy with sweet designs of mermaids, dolls and flowers. Try matching the theme of the cake with the theme of the birthday. If it is a beach party, design a scene with water, plastic palm trees, and even some mini beach furniture scattered about.

Is figure skating more your girl's style? It is easy to replicate an ice arena, try outdoors if you want to add some fun plastic decor, and mini figure skates can be found at any local craft store.

Are race cars more your child's thing? Design a sheet cake with a road, hills, and perhaps a mini gas station. Add a few trees, rocks, and mini cars and your cake will be the star of the party. Designing just the right cake for your teen is actually quite simple when you give it a little thought.

Flavors for Children's Birthday Cakes

After finally settling on the design of your child's cake, now comes the really big decision, the flavor. First of all, think about your design. Can the design be easily incorporated into the flavor you choose? For example; don't go for a doll cake design in an ice-cream flavor, as you don't want the doll melting all over the birthday table. Keep in mind what flavors the child likes, as well as any allergies, while choosing the flavor of children's birthday cakes.

Birthday Cake Decoration

Once, you are through with the procedure of selecting the design and the flavor, you can now move on to the really fun part. Decoration options for children's birthday cakes are limited only by your imagination. You have unlimited options available when it comes to decoration choices for a child's cake.

From plastic toys to fresh fruits, from cookies to candies and colored frostings, you can use just about anything to decorate a children's birthday cake. Consider using things that are reusable if possible, such as mini matchbox cars that can be handed out as favors for a boy's party. If you have a budding baker in the family, consider using things like wooden spoons, measuring cups or spoons, and perhaps a timer for a centerpiece, as the decor for a Learning to Cook themed cake.

Homemade Birthday Cake

There is nothing better than making a homemade birthday cake for your child. Made with love and happiness, homemade children's birthday cakes will always be special. Show your creativity and make the cake in your favorite shape using easily available cake moulds. The internet is a vast source for numerous cake and decorating ideas. Googling 'child's birthday cake' will bring you more ideas than you can count.

Popular Kids' Birthday Cake Designs

There are endless popular children's birthday cake designs that are in demand. Swimming pools, Mickey Mouse, cars & trucks, guitar cake, Spiderman, Barbie Doll, Castles, Clowns, Winnie the Pooh, and Animal Farm Cake. These are just a few of the more popular cake designs. Knowing what your child's likes are will go a long way in helping you to pick out just the right cake for their special day, whether handmade or store bought.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Children's Birthday Cakes?

Do YOU have some useful ideas and tips for getting kids' birthday cakes? Share and write about your great birthday cake ideas here!

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