Unusual Christmas Gifts - Ideas for Unique Presents

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for unusual Christmas gifts?

At Christmas, we often spend far too much time and energy trying to think of the perfect presents for people on our gift giving list. It doesn't matter whether they are family, coworkers, or friends, sometimes you can just go crazy trying to think of the perfect gift to give them this year. That's when unusual Christmas gifts can come in and save the day.

That's right. Unusual Christmas gifts. When we are growing up, the one thing that we learn about giving gifts at Christmas is that the person who receives the gift should want it. When we were kids, we were asked about what we wanted for Christmas. As we grow older, become adults, and are now saddled with the responsibility for doing the shopping at the holiday, we might find it stressful just trying to figure out what someone wants.

One thing that we're conditioned to not do is ask another adult, 'What do you want for Christmas?' Unless, of course, that adult is a family member or spouse. Then it's okay.

Step away from the gift cards

Hey, you, standing there by the gift cards - step away from them. We've also become conditioned to default to those annoyingly frustrating gift cards for the holidays. For starters, it's not personal in any way, shape, or form. When you give someone a gift card, you're basically telling them, 'I cared enough to get you something, but I didn't care enough to actually think about something you might like.'

A gift is meant to be about the thought, not the actual gift itself. If you know exactly what someone wants for a Christmas gift this year, then that's great. If not, however, then why not consider an unusual Christmas gift?

Gumball machine

This year, when you are shopping for your boss or a coworker, how about getting a gumball machine? It's not everyday where you see someone with a gumball machine in their office or at their desk, but it is an incredible conversation piece.

Imagine having clients come into their office, maybe a little tense, or not sure that they want to do business with that person or the company. They see that gumball machine, it breaks out a soft chuckle, and they make a comment about having not seen one in a long time.

Even if the person whom you're giving the gift to isn't into gum, that doesn't matter. They can fill it with whatever they like and it will still be a conversation piece.

Remote-controlled helicopter

Christmastime is about being a kid again, even if it's only for a little while. Why not give that adult a small remote-controlled helicopter this year? They're easy to use and control and, while they may only give a few hours of enjoyment before it is taken over by the kids, it's a great unusual Christmas gift for this year's list.

Other Ideas for Unusual Christmas Gifts

  • Does your gift recipient like to barbeque? How about getting him a barbeque sword? Now that sounds like an unusual Christmas gift!

  • Is he into reading but does not have the time to plough through dozens of books? How about getting him an MP3 player which is preloaded with many classic books? This way, he can still take in a lot of that reading material, especially while he is on the road, without having to actually read the books.

  • Is he a golf enthusiast? Did you know that there is such a thing as a golf swing video recorder, which could well play an important part in helping him to improve his golf technique.

  • How about a personalized mug printed with a picture or photo which means something to the gift recipient, perhaps his name and the year, as well as an inspirational message, quote or verse?

  • Maybe she enjoys lying, soaking and relaxing in the bath tub. How about getting her a relaxing massaging bath pillow? This is an unusual Christmas gift which can really pamper her after a hard day at work.

  • Someone who likes to drink can be given a unique bottle opener, which perhaps has a personalized message printed on it.

  • Does the gift recipient like plants? Does he or she enjoy gardening? How about getting him or her an indoor aromatherapy herb gardening kit?

  • Did you know that you can go online to seek out places which allow you to prepare personalized letters from Santa Claus himself? I can imagine some kids will love this.

  • Is the gift recipient a Star Wars enthusiast? You could get him a Star Wars bath robe. He will surely be thrilled to be able to dress up as a Jedi.

  • Other unusual Christmas gifts which can be personalized include wine glasses, beer mugs, lighters, key chains, soft toys, baby's toys, pebble gifts, wine bottle stoppers, and pen sets - many of these would make unique gifts, indeed.

    These are only a few ideas for unusual Christmas gifts, but as you'll likely see, they can get the creative juices flowing and help you find inspiration to think of other unusual Christmas presents for your list this year.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Unique or Unusual Christmas Gifts?

    Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for unique or unusual Christmas gifts? Share and write about these tips and ideas for unique Christmas presents here!

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