Popular Christmas Gifts - Ideas for Presents for All Ages

Are you wondering what some popular Christmas gifts are?

Can you believe that consumers spend $451.4 billion each year during November and December? That should make for a very merry Christmas! However, choosing the right gift isn't easy, no matter how much money you spend.

The most important people at Christmas time are the children, whether they are babies or teenagers. Make sure your gift is age-appropriate by checking the packages of the gifts you purchase and by using your common sense or asking for advice from someone who knows the child's abilities.

Babies don't know that it's Christmas - but try to find a gift that will keep them happy and occupied for a time. A crib activity center or mobile is a popular Christmas gift, as is a play mat or floor gym. A musical light or other nap time soother are gifts that parents will appreciate. Toys should be small enough for tiny hands to hold, such as soft building blocks and cloth books.

Toddlers are generally happy to receive any colorful or moving toy. Large building blocks are popular Christmas gifts and a great way to stimulate the imagination, while books made from stiff board will keep them occupied for a little while. They also love ride-on toys of any kind and large trucks or cars. Tub toys are fun, as are chunky toy tools.

Girls love play food and kitchen appliances, soft dolls and anything to do with fairies and princesses! Of course, some girls enjoy the chunky toy tools and some boys like to play in the kitchen - so get to know the child's preferences before you buy the gift.

Popular Christmas gifts for girls generally consist of anything "girlie". That is to say, drawing sets, Barbie dolls, purses and dress-up clothes. Do be careful when buying toy 'jewelry', as some of it contains high levels of lead.

Bikes or trikes and accessories are popular with both girls and boys, as are scooters, roller skates and skateboards - but check with the parents first if you plan on buying for a child other than your own.

Lego is also a popular Christmas toy, with sets for both boys and girls. Boys will enjoy the latest action figures, train sets, race car sets, magic sets, microscopes and science sets - although girls enjoy them too. As with any gift, know the recipient's tastes before you buy.

How about popular Christmas gifts for teens? Teenagers are much more complicated to buy for - although clothing and DVD's, MP3 Players, iPods, cell phones (possibly with 'skin' and charms for the girls), movie tickets, video games all appeal to both sexes. It's best to ask a teenager what presents he or she wants for Christmas, as they are more difficult to please than the younger set. A popular Christmas gift for teenagers is a gift card to a favorite store.

Treat Mom to something she wouldn't buy for herself - maybe a day at the spa or a gift card for her favorite store. A digital photo frame loaded with her favorite photos would delight her, as would a calendar with family photos which could be ordered from drugstores and printing stores. A popular Christmas gift for a working mother would be a prepaid maid service so that she wouldn't have to spend time cleaning the house after a hard day at the office.

Dads, uncles and grandpa's might enjoy grill tools, rubs and barbecue sauces if they like to barbecue, or fishing gear, an electric shaver or digital camera. Consider their hobbies and preferences when buying for them. A gift card for the local car wash might be a popular Christmas gift for anyone who has neither the time nor the physical ability to wash their own car.

And grandparents will appreciate anything hand made by their grandchildren; some of our most treasured gifts have been strange and wonderful creations from little ones!

If you really think hard about your gift and choose appropriately, your Christmas list should be easy to manage - and think of the pleasure you'll get when you see how delighted everyone is with your choice on Christmas Day.

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