Romantic Games for Couples - Live Your Fantasies and Spice Up Your Romance

Are looking for some interesting romantic games for couples?

If you and your partner find yourselves at a dead end, are bored, and really don't know what to do, then try playing romantic games for lovers - it's not only a whole lot of fun, but will definitely spice up the romance in your life.

Role-playing is a great game for couples that are really comfortable with each other. It gives you the opportunity to carry out those secret fantasies that you and most people have. Some role-play ideas that you can experiment with include Teacher and Student, French Maid and the House Owner, Jungle Girl and Tarzan, Delivery Boy and the Lonely Girl, and that very classic one, Nurse and Doctor.

Another of the romantic games for couples is Adult Scrabble, an adult variant of the usual game of Scrabble, and yes, you are only allowed to use dirty words. This game allows you to test each other's sexual vocabulary, which could also add lots of excitement in bed!

Don't Blink is another of the great romantic games for couples. It involve the two of you staring into each other's eyes - the first one to blink or look away, has to perform a sexual favor for the other one.

Then there is the question game, where, not only will you find out things about your partner that you never knew, but it will definitely make you more intimate with each other. The idea is for both of you to write down a set of say, 10 to 15 questions, with the answers before you start the game.

You ask each other a question and the other needs to give you the correct answer that you have written down. If you answer correctly, your partner has to fondle, kiss, or do whatever you want him / her to do to you for about 10 seconds. In the event of an incorrect answer, punishment is a spanking on the butt.

You can change the rules to suit your style, and remember this game is supposed to be played without wearing clothing. Similar romantic games for couples to this one include Truth or Dare, and Guess a Secret.

Play chess with a difference! Make it really romantic, and each time you take over a partner's piece, you are treated to five minutes of romantic pleasure of your choice. If you win the game, you get the big prize of 2 to 3 hours of romantic pleasure with your partner, to be redeemed within 7 days.

Suggest the game of Othello to your partner. This is a fantastic romantic game for couples, but with a twist that makes it really interesting. Tell your partner that, for the number of tokens he / she flips over, he / she gets to kiss you that many times - wherever they wish! You are guaranteed to not finish the game - ever.

Romantic games for couples might sometimes bring on a headache, and there is the perfect cure for this as well. Take an empty pill bottle and put a label on it that reads: "Romance Medicine - to be taken as necessary". Write plenty of love notes with sexy ideas. These should be taken as and when they are needed.

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