Romantic Picnic Food Ideas - Menu Choices for Romance

Are you seeking wonderful romantic picnic food ideas?

How romantic, a picnic for two! There is nothing cozier than a checkered blanket, a basket laden with all of your favorite picnic foods, and being surrounded by nature.

Sharing this with the one you love is romantic indeed. But if you are intimidated by the idea of organizing a picnic, however, don't be - this article will help you in picking out just the right foods to make your romantic picnic a huge success.


The first thing to decide on for romantic picnic food ideas is what type of beverage you are going to include. Wine is a favorite choice for picnics. But other beverages are just as romantic. Champagne is lovely if you are planning your proposal at your picnic, and if you choose to do this, ensure you wrap your glasses well before packing. Sparkling water with flavored syrup is another favorite and non-alcoholic. Milk, however, is not a good choice as it can spoil easily.


Just the right dessert gives your romantic picnic a fabulous finish. Chocolate covered strawberries or oranges are lovely desserts, as is pretty much any fruit and cheese combination. Unfrosted cakes are easier to transport, so pound cakes with perhaps whipping creme in a separate container would be a nice choice for romantic picnic food ideas.

If you are celebrating an anniversary or special day of any kind, make sure you bring a candle for a nice touch.

Best Food Items For A Romantic Picnic

  • Cheese: Cheese is a staple for a romantic picnic and a fantastic romantic picnic food idea. There are so many types of cheese to choose from, you should have no problem finding a cheese that you both like and that would be appropriate for your picnic meal. Don't forget a board and cheese knife if you are bringing it whole - it is much more romantic to be cutting your cheese for your partner than having it pre-sliced! Add a baguette or specialty crackers to go with the cheese.

  • Wine: Wine creates a great romantic atmosphere for a romantic picnic. Red or white will depend upon the rest of the food selections. If you cannot bring plastic wine glasses, ensure you wrap your glasses carefully in tea towels to prevent breakage. Always take a spare, though, just in case.

  • Fruits: Fruit is easy to pack, and simple to serve. Again, a knife is important, as foods such as apples are better served sliced if you are on a romantic picnic. Grapes, melons, and citrus fruits are all great items for your picnic, too.

  • Chocolates: Chocolate is a delicious food item that should always be included as part of romantic picnic food ideas. With its aphrodisiac qualities, chocolate is a must to be carried when you plan to go on a romantic picnic. You can pack chocolate truffles, chocolate cherries or chocolate puddings.

  • Antipasto: Antipasto is another good food item for a romantic picnic. If you are wondering what Antipasto is, google it to find a recipe that suits your taste. Antipasto is versatile and goes well with a baguette or specialty crackers, and keeps well, too.

    You now have all the romantic picnic food ideas that you need for a romance-filled picnic. Find a great spot, pack your bags, and enjoy your outing.

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