Anniversary Cake Ideas and Tips for Choosing a Great Wedding Anniversary Cake

Are you looking for wonderful and useful anniversary cake ideas and tips?

Wedding anniversaries are a great occasion to celebrate. And even if you are not intending to throw a big party, a wedding anniversary cake is always a must.

Make yourself and your spouse happy by choosing just the right anniversary cake and cutting it together, just like you did on your wedding day. No matter which anniversary you are celebrating, a cake is the centerpiece for the occasion. Read on to learn some tips for choosing just the right wedding anniversary cake and for some fantastic anniversary cake ideas.

Tips To Choose A Wedding Anniversary Cake

  • Cake Type: The first thing to consider when it comes to anniversary cake ideas is the type of cake you and your spouse would prefer. If both of you have different tastes, then go for a marble layered cake with layers of the flavors both you and your spouse enjoy.

  • Frosting: Once the cake type is decided, next comes the frosting for the anniversary cake. Frosting is the finish for the cake and covers it evenly for that perfect, complete look. There are endless types to choose from. Different frosting options include chocolate, cream cheese, vanilla; whipped cream or butter-cream, just to name a few.

  • Decoration: Then comes the most important part of a wedding anniversary cake - yes, we are now going to talk about the decoration aspect of the cake. Choose a theme and then select a design for decorating your wedding cake. General themes used for decorating wedding anniversary cakes are of roses, couples and hearts. The decorating is the best part of making or choosing a cake, and this is where you can be really creative in your anniversary cake ideas.

  • Flavor: No matter what design you choose, if you don't choose the right flavor of cake, your wedding anniversary cake might not be such a success. If you are throwing an anniversary party, then go for a neutral flavor that everyone will love. Flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and lemon are generally liked by all.

  • The Egg Factor: One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while choosing an anniversary cake is the egg factor. Not all people like eating egg-based cakes. You might want to consider an eggless cake, especially if there are allergies to consider, or special dietary needs to be met. Check and see if any of your guests are non-egg eaters prior to setting out on the perfect anniversary cake hunt. You want the dessert to be successful, and eggless cakes are becoming more popular as time goes on.

    25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

    Need some great 25th wedding anniversary cake ideas?

    Your head will be filled with many ideas for the cake for a couple's silver jubilee anniversary, but since the occasion is very special, the cake should be special as well. You can go for a cake with a silver frame topping having a picture of the couple in it. Use silver icing for accents. You could get more ideas by browsing the rest of this website, or by using its search function.

    50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

    Now, how about some 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas?

    People rarely get to celebrate their golden jubilee anniversary, so when they do, it calls for a really special anniversary cake. A classic anniversary cake for the 50th wedding anniversary would be one with the shape of 50 and golden hearts decorating it.

    Hopefully, you now have some great ideas on how to choose a wedding anniversary cake for yourself, a family member, or for your friends. These anniversary cake ideas and tips will help guide you on how to pick a cake for this special occasion.

    Have fun!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas?

    Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for wedding anniversary cakes? Nice designs, concepts, themes, or recipes, perhaps? Share and write about these wedding anniversary cake ideas here!

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