Wedding Song Ideas and Tips - Inspiration to Choose Your Wedding Music

Are you seeking inspired suggestions and tips for wedding song ideas?

With her wedding being such an anticipated occasion, it is possibly the most looked forward to day in a young woman's life. This makes the songs one picks to play throughout the ceremony very important.

Couples can spend hours listening to prospective music, or just thinking of what songs summarize how they relate to the feelings they have for one another; their feelings shared.

Music is all about feelings; stirring the soul of man. The content is important, and the song as a whole is what people will remember. This makes the lyrics for each song chosen much more than just words. They need to tell the story of the relationship and sum up the feelings of the bride and groom before everyone present. (Here are some ideas for romantic songs, love songs, Valentine's Day songs, as well as some ideas for romantic song lyrics. )

When you brainstorm on wedding song ideas and choose the music, remember to consider all aspects of the wedding, as there are the songs for the ceremony, as well as songs for the reception. While the songs for the ceremony are usually the most labored over, many couples like the thought of one special song just about them for the reception also.

The easiest part of choosing your wedding music are the songs that are played when the bride initially walks down the aisle, when the newly married couple is presented before the guests, and again when they return down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.

While the wedding planner is responsible for all aspects of the ceremony as well as the reception, when it comes to wedding song ideas, most brides opt to choose at least one of the songs to be sung or played. It can be one they share in common with the groom - commonly referred to as 'their song', or one that one or the other of them (or even a close friend) has written for the occasion.

So what are some interesting wedding song ideas? Traditional choices are "Here Comes the Bride" as the song to announce the bride entering the ceremony on the arm of her father, and the "Wedding March" for when the minister announces the couple as husband and wife to those gathered.

Often, the bride chooses to have her song played as the two come to stand before the person officiating over the ceremony, as it seems the perfect time for the two who are about to be joined in matrimony to face each other looking deeply into each other's eyes.

Another common wedding song idea and practice is to have someone who is significant to both the bride and groom sing or play the selected music.

If there is no one particular piece of music that stands out as special, you can ask for suggestions for wedding song ideas from family and friends as to selections that might be meaningful. Many believe the songs for the reception are not as important as those for the ceremony itself. This is particularly true if you plan to hire a wedding DJ or, another popular choice, a band. Both can be given a list of songs, or a genre, to make their own decision working with what they have, taking some of the pressure off the wedding planner or the couple themselves.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Song Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for wedding songs and wedding music? Share and write about these wedding music ideas here!

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