Wedding Poems for Parents - Use Poetry to Express Your Feelings to Dad and Mom

Are you looking for meaningful and beautiful wedding poems for parents?

You want to tell your parents how much you appreciate their efforts to raise you and to make your wedding day perfect. What better way than by reciting a poem just for them on your special day.

Here are a few wedding poems for parents that will touch their hearts in a way that only you can.

Throughout all of the years,
You never knew how much I cared.
Throughout all of the tears,
And wisdom that you shared.

You helped my walk,
You helped me smile.
You taught me to stand tall,
And walk the extra mile.

Now, as I close a chapter on my past,
I see you weep, for joy not sorrow.
I thank you for all you've given me that will surely last,
And hope to write my future with you for all tomorrows.


Here's another of the wedding poems for parents written by

My family, shed its tears
Bonded through all the years
We've come so far, you and I
You taught me how to touch the sky

As we say goodnight to a past
We embrace the light that will forever last
Your words are more than you know
It's all the love that you've shown

I could never thank you for all that you do
This day is here because of you
My vows I take to heart
Because of you, I love with all my heart


Here's one more of the wedding poems for parents written by

Simple melodies play in the distance
A train rolling by, a flash of brilliance
This day is filled with joy
Because of all you sacrificed and employed

Weddings can make us cry
They make us blush and say goodbye
But mom and dad, this isn't farewell
For you're in my heart like a fairy tale

As you smile at my new road ahead
Thinking of all the nights tucking me into bed
I know you're happy for me, but still a little sad
But you're my first love, and for that I'm so glad.


Looking for more heartwarming wedding poems for parents? The following wedding poems for parents by other writers should inspire, too.

Great Family

Our new family has started,
Life ahead can seem uncharted,
But we know you'll play your parts,
In the filling of our hearts.

Our two families, now one,
Something great has just begun,
Our wedding pulls us close,
This is what we love the most.

We are blessed so much, by far
We can truly say we are,
And we're so happy to be,
Part of this great family. by Lucilla Moretti

Tomorrow is the day, I've dreamed of all my life.
I will then be marrying, becoming my love's wife.
I wanted to tell you how special, you two are to me.
You have made me what I am, and am ready to be.

Tonight I will sleep, with dreams of bygone days,
My loving, carefree childhood, and of my childish ways.
Then I will awake, with dreams of things to come,
What my life will be, and who I will become.

With the morning I will have, emotions flowing free,
I just wanted you to know, I'll need you there with me
Your strength and love will guide me, as I become the bride,
As I start this precious journey, I need you by my side.

As I stand with Dad, at the beginning of the aisle
Please look at me dear Mom, I'll need to see your smile.
Your smile and Dad's arm, will help to steady me,
As I take this blessed step, for God and all to see.

I'll always be your daughter, and your love I'll always need,
Though we are starting a new chapter, planting a new seed.
He is my love, my life, my everything to me,
And he will be beside me, as we tackle what will be.

So on the eve of my wedding day, I say these words to you,
Hoping that you realize, you're in everything I do.
Tomorrow I will pledge to him, my very heart and soul,
You have helped to mold me, and he will make me whole. Mandee Sears

Did you like any of the above wedding poems for parents?

Sometimes, words are more touching and powerful than any gift could ever be. Consider reciting to dad and mom wedding poems for parents on your special day and experience the joy that these words can bring.

And, don't be afraid to write your own wedding poems for parents to express your love and feelings to your dad and mom.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Wedding Poems for Parents?

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