Family Love Poems - Touching Samples and Tips on How to Write Your Own Family Poetry

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for family love poems, as well as tips on how to write your own family poetry?

Many people like to create a family keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation. Some like to make quilts or keep scrapbooks. Others, however, prefer to do something different, such as keep a journal or other writings to express how much family means to them.

A great family keepsake is to create a collection of family love poems by and about family members. Here are some great poems to consider if you are going to create your own collection of family love poems. These pieces of poetry are our original compositions.

Tips and ideas to help you write your own family love poetry are also discussed.

For couples with children, you may want to write a collection of poems to express how much the kids have brought to the relationship. For example:

Growing Love

On the day of our wedding
We thought our love was complete
Each day together
Caused our love to grow
And then we realized
It had to grow
Because you were on the way
And the first day
We saw you
Was the day
Our lives
Became complete.

Another family love poem to consider regarding your child could go like this:


I looked back today
Through your baby book
And saw
Of a love complete
From the first ultrasound
To your kindergarten graduation
To the person you are today
And the images
Are reflections
Of how
Love grew in our home
With each year
Because you were here.

You can also write family love poems for the adults in the family to express how much they mean to you, or to help your children get to know adults who passed on before they were born. For example, here is a poem about a grandfather:


I thought I heard your voice today
Calling the dogs back home
At the end of the evening
A voice carried on a breeze
That gently caressed my face
And I think of that gentle breeze
And how it reminds me of your hands
Rugged on the farm
But gentle on my scraped knee
And I remember
How much
A grandfather means.

When writing your family love poems, keep in mind that you are expressing deep emotions. Make sure these emotions come through in your writing. You wouldn't short change your loved ones in other ways, so don't do it in your writing.

A great way to express your love as a couple is to write love poems to each other. These can be placed in your remembrance book for your child and grandchildren as well. This would be a wonderful way of showing them how much you loved each other and how you wanted to share that love with them. A great poem for a husband or wife could go like this:

Through all the years
And all the times
I never thought
I'd find the right one
To share life's journey with
I know now
That God was leading me
To the one He had designed for me
And when I first saw you
I realized that my journey
Had just begun.

Just remember that your family love poems should be heartfelt and state clearly how much that person means to you. Gather your poems together and add them to a scrapbook with some of your favorite pictures for a true family keepsake.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Family Love Poems?

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