Wedding Gifts for Dad - Presents to Show Your Father Your Appreciation

Are you wondering what could be some good wedding gifts for dad?

While traditionally the wedding has been all about the bride, there are a few other important factors concerning this special day, and that are the gifts for the fathers of the bride and groom.

There are local places you can go for these gifts and literally dozens of online stores that cater just to the occasion - be it stylish cufflinks reminding the father of the bride: I am still your daughter, or a money clip and key ring that reminds the dad of the groom to keep it stocked, as he may need a loan.

Wedding gifts for dads can be standard and the same for both, or with a little thought, they can be personal, expressing something special in the midst of everything that is going on around them.

For father of the bride you can purchase a double photo frame with a picture of the bride as a child and then one in her wedding dress; the inscription can read: 'I love you dad'. Or, consider a father daughter dancing figurine of the daughter as a child dancing with her favorite guy at that time.

For the father of the groom, a set of three photos, not large - a photo of the groom as a child, a photo of the groom and father perhaps during the teen years, and a photo of the bride and groom.

If either father is a smoker, a personalized humidor with several cigars, pipe and tobacco, etc might be appropriate as wedding gifts for dad. For the father of the groom, a picture of the couple walking arm in arm away from the camera but looking back with a small gold caption at the bottom which reads: 'Thanks for everything, Dad'. If the groom's father carries a handkerchief, have a set purchased and engrave one that says: 'You have raised me into a man and as I take my bride by the hand I will always be grateful'.

How about traditional wedding gifts for dads? Traditional gifts have included pocket watches marking the day, engraved flasks in black leather casing, accessory cases for the dressing table, or mugs with an engraving that might say: 'To the best father of the bride or groom ever', and include the date of the wedding.

Another gift that has been popular through the ages is cuff links. These, too, can be engraved to make them a more personal gift.

If the fathers work in an office type of setting, a clear paperweight with a personal engraving might be nice as wedding gifts for dads. Or one with the appropriate date or even a picture captured within the weight that will be a constant reminder of the perfect event. And there is always the multi-purposed Swiss army knife if nothing else seems to fit the occasion.

In this day and age, when a wedding centers a bit more around drinking beer rather than toasting with the traditional wine, sets of glasses have become more popular. Engraved sets of beer pilsners, or monogrammed etched drinking glasses - tall or short, flared shot glasses for those who like a shot with their beer, or just personalized tumblers that will fit not only the occasion but nicely into the glass cabinet afterwards, will all do nicely as possible wedding gifts for dad.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Wedding Gifts for Dad?

Do YOU have some fantastic tips and ideas for wedding gifts for dad? Share and write about your great wedding present ideas for fathers here!

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