Wedding Scrapbook Ideas - Fun, Sentimental and Meaningful

Are you seeking inspired wedding scrapbook ideas?

Wedding scrapbooks are becoming more and more popular. Although wedding albums are still as popular as they ever were, scrapbooks can give you more room for creativity and can be a great way of showing off other parts of your wedding experience, such as any trinkets or mementos that you may gathered along the way.

There are tons of websites out there that can help you design templates and pages for your scrapbook. Many people do not actually like scrapbooking because they don't like the idea of cutting up their photographs. However, if you upload your pictures and do your pages online, then you have the option of cropping your photos, which means that you don't have to use actual scissors.

If you walk into any scrapbooking store, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the scissors, glues, stickers, and other adornments that can be used in scrapbooking. For a novice, this might be enough to turn you away from the wedding scrapbook idea itself. It's usually best to start simple and work your way up.

Since weddings are affairs that should be taken seriously, you might want to shy away from the silly stickers, bubble dialogues, and other humorous adornments that embellish a lot of scrapbooks. Instead, for wedding scrapbook ideas, you might want to turn your attention to pretty borders, calligraphy style words and phrases, as well as interesting edges. Although you want your scrapbook to be fun, you don't want it to look like your regular vacation album.

Quotes are great to use as part of wedding scrapbook ideas, too. Perfectly placed quotes can add a lot to your album. You should also consider using the printout of your vows, especially if you wrote them yourself. This is a good way of keeping them safeguarded over the years.

Remember, too, that you are not just limited to pictures when it comes to scrapbooking. Some couples like to insert copies of their marriage license and certificate, any receipts that might have come from various venues, samples of their wedding invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations, as well as other pieces of paper that had significance on their big day.

Asking your guests to help out can be fun for wedding scrapbook ideas, as well. At a recent engagement party, the guests were all asked to write out a piece of wedding advice for the engaged couple. Pictures were then taken of each guest so that they could be included in the scrapbook, along with the written advice.

Before gluing anything down and making it permanent, play around with layouts and such until you are happy with your final product. You might want to work in chronological order, or you might want your scrapbook album to have a freer flowing feel to it. However, this might not be something that you are able to predict until you start putting things together and seeing how they fit with one another.

More than anything else, remember to make copies of your pictures! You definitely don't want to cut up any of the originals. Keep a backup disc of everything so that you can easily reprint anything that you need extra copies of.

We hope you enjoy these wedding scrapbook ideas. More inspiring wedding scrapbooking ideas can be found in the related articles and pages on this website.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Scrapbook Ideas and Tips?

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