Wedding Scrapbooking Ideas - Great Tips for a Wonderful Wedding Scrapbook

Are you searching for inspirational or useful wedding scrapbooking ideas?

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in one's life. Hopefully, this is the one and only marriage you will have, and because of that, you will want to immortalize it forever.

There is no better way to do that than by creating a wedding scrapbook. With scrapbooking all the rage right now, there is no better time than to start one of your own. Whether your wedding is just coming up, or you have been married for years, there is never a 'wrong' time to start your wedding scrapbook. This article will give you some great wedding scrapbooking ideas and tips for making your own.

Tips For Creating A Wedding Scrapbook

To help you make a beautiful wedding scrapbook, here are some useful tips and ideas:

  • 'How Did We Meet' Page: There is no better way to start your wedding scrapbook than by documenting how your relationship began. Your journal should help you recall the details of that event! Where you were, who introduced you, what you were doing; sometimes, you can even recall your first conversation - an interesting wedding scrapbooking idea, isn't it? In fact, these are all wonderful things to include on the opening page of your wedding scrapbook. If you saved anything from this encounter, such as a matchbook, napkin, or other memento, you can always make a 'thick' or 'fat' scrapbook by including special little things like this.

  • First Dates: It is always fun to keep track of first and / or special dates throughout your courtship. Mementos and photos will be nice to look back on when you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary.

  • Wedding Memorabilia: Be innovative and use bits of your wedding memorabilia, including your wedding invitation, wedding favors, pressed flowers and other related things - these are meaningful wedding scrapbooking ideas, too. You could even snip a piece of lace form your veil, or add that heirloom handkerchief you carried. This page will always make you remember your wedding with fondness. Adding the memorabilia as well as the photographs makes your wedding scrapbook so much more special.

  • Journal: Any wedding scrapbook would be incomplete without journaling. In your journal entries, you can add your feelings, thoughts, and even your expectations. Adding captions and journaling to photos will keep details of your wedding fresh in your mind for years to come.

  • Wedding Photos: When it comes to wedding scrapbooking ideas, don't forget the wedding day photos! Pre-wedding, the actual ceremony, and photos of the reception will all add to your wedding scrapbook.

Other Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

  • If you had a theme at your wedding, one wedding scrapbooking idea is to make your wedding scrapbook follow that theme. If it was a 'Cinderella' wedding, you can use background papers that showcase that theme.

  • Leave room to add on. Anniversaries, births, etc - these are all things that you can add on to your wedding scrapbook throughout your life together.

  • Use romantic materials, such as paper roses, satin and delicate laces, to collage in your wedding scrapbook.

  • Fold-out pages are unique, as opposed to the traditional size, and add a nice touch to any scrapbook. Perhaps you have a map of a vacation you took, or a picture he drew for you, or a menu you saved from the restaurant he proposed to you at. You can include these things by strategically folding them to fit into the wedding scrapbook.

  • Add secret pockets throughout the wedding scrapbook to hold special treasures, such as love letters, or even a DVD of your wedding ceremony.

    These are just a few ideas for creating a wonderful and memorable wedding scrapbook. You can experiment many more wedding scrapbooking ideas to make a beautiful wedding scrapbook. Have fun!

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