Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations - Tips, Ideas, Samples

Do you need some help and ideas for wedding rehearsal dinner invitations?

The rehearsal dinner is the real kick off to the wedding itself. Typically held after the wedding rehearsal itself, it can be a casual or formal affair and is a chance for the wedding party to get together and celebrate before the big day.

Although you might spend a lot of time crafting your wedding invitations, your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations are also important. They can help set the tone of the dinner and let guests know not only what time it starts, but also how formal the affair will be.

The good news is that most rehearsal dinners are fairly formal. The invitations do not have to go out as far in advance as they do for the wedding itself, and some couples choose to send them out only a couple of weeks in advance. This is completely fine; since the members of your wedding party will hopefully already know that they are in the party and will be expected at the rehearsal the night before.

Before you make out your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations, think about the type of dinner that you want. Do you want to book an expensive restaurant? Would you rather have a relaxed affair in your own backyard? Are you going to be eating at the venue where you are getting married (some couples actually have their rehearsal dinner in the church), or do you want to move the party to another location?

While planning your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations, you should also consider your guests. Although the traditional rehearsal dinner only includes those members of your wedding party, in addition to the bride and groom's family, some people want to include others as well. You might, for instance, want to include any friends or family that has traveled long distances to be with you.

When I got married, my husband's family flew from England. Even though a couple of members were not in the actual party, we still included them in the wedding rehearsal dinner because it didn't feel right to leave them out when they had come so far to be with us.

Once you have determined where you want to have your dinner and what type of affair it will be, you could proceed on making out your invitations.

If you are having a formal dinner, then your invitation might read:

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Long (or whoever is hosting the dinner)

request the pleasure of your company at the rehearsal dinner
in honor of Jane and Ethan's wedding.
Dinner will be held at seven o'clock on
Friday, June 30th, 2008
at Ramone's, 600 Sterling Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon.
It will immediately follow the wedding rehearsal,
to be held at St. Mark's Church,
1120 Hensley Avenue Beaverton, Oregon.

If you want something more casual, however, then your wedding rehearsal dinner invitation might read:

Please join Jane and Ethan
for a rehearsal dinner at 7:00, Friday, June 30th, 2008.
We will gather at the Long's home
500 Euclid Avenue
Portland, Oregon.
immediately following the wedding rehearsal
at St. Mark's Church.

You do not have to include RSVP envelopes with these wedding rehearsal dinner invitations. However, if you do have small children in your wedding party, then you might want to consider addressing the envelopes to them, and not their parents, in order to help make them feel more involved.

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