17th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas for Activities and Gifts to Celebrate With

How does one celebrate the 17th wedding anniversary? Are you in need of inspiration and ideas?

You're past the ten year mark, so you've got some staying power in your relationship, but you're not quite at the 20 year mark, which might leave many people feeling as if they aren't at the "big anniversary" yet.

Yet, this day is still special and needs to be celebrated. The problem is that if you're a traditionalist, you might have a hard time finding what the 17th anniversary symbolizes, and might think that it was widely ignored and maybe it has been, but many modern traditionalists say that you should consider giving furniture for the 17th wedding anniversary.

Hopefully, by now in your life, your kids are a little older and you have a little more freedom. Maybe you're more financially stable than you were 12 years ago and find that you are more able to give your spouse something that she (or he) will really love, so this might be a time for you to really get back to thinking of her as a person and the things that she enjoys or loves and focus on that.

For instance, if your husband is really into NASCAR racing or has a favorite football team, why not buy him tickets for one of the big events and plan to make a weekend of it? You'll be sharing in what he loves during your 17th wedding anniversary, and you'll probably have a really good time yourself.

Do the two of you have a favorite band together? Many couples have favorite songs or bands and many of the memories these couples share are set to the music of these bands, so if you and your spouse have this, it might be time to consider getting tickets to one of their shows and take a blast to the past. You can make it even more memorable by doing some of the same things you used to do together, such as going to a favorite restaurant or bar if it's still open.

If you're not up for a concert for your 17th wedding anniversary, that's okay. Plan a day that was much like one that the two of you would spend when you were dating, and make a soundtrack of all the songs you used to listen to around that time. By the end of the day, you'll be feeling more in love and youthful than you have in a long time.

Another idea to celebrate your 17th wedding anniversary is to recreate the proposal. This is an amazingly sweet, romantic gesture that men might want to do for their wives, and it might require yet another sparkly piece of jewelry, but you won't regret doing it, especially when she says yes all over again and her friends are raving and swooning over the wonderful anniversary you just gave your beautiful wife.

It is thought that, traditionally, wedding anniversaries were observed more as a way to represent the couple's commitment to one another, and also that it's likely that recognizing and celebrating certain anniversaries brought about a certain amount of luck. Unfortunately, when the gift giving tradition began, the 17th wedding anniversary was considered to be nothing really too significant, but in modern society, this anniversary can represent a major milestone.

So, whether you're looking for a way to remember the times that you have spent together so far, to build new memories, or to just let your wife know that you would marry her all over again, there are many wonderful ways that you can choose to celebrate your 17th wedding anniversary.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 17th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Celebration?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful ideas and tips for 17th wedding anniversary presents and celebration? Share and write about these 17 year wedding anniversary gift and celebration ideas here!

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