20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men to Wow Their Wives

Are you seeking inspiration for 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas?

If your 20th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and your wife has stars in her eyes, it's pretty likely that you're feeling the pressure.

Now, some guys are just romantic and others, well, maybe never really have been. While it's important to recognize that this is a very important anniversary, you don't have to go overboard. You might be surprised at how far a little recognition of the occasion can take you.

If you don't know much about the 20th wedding anniversary and the traditions surrounding this landmark event, here is a little bit of help. Traditionally, the 20th anniversary gift has always been china, which means place settings, porcelain or other such gifts. China place settings are expensive and special, which is part of the reason that good china was often given as a gift.

Do you have any 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas involving china?

Now, however, the modern gift for this anniversary is platinum. Yes, expensive, but if the two of you are still together and you want to give her something really special, platinum will really show her you care. Here's an idea: since the gemstone for the 20th anniversary is the emerald, why not give her a piece of platinum jewelry with an emerald in it? She's sure to know how much you care when you do something so romantic for her. This is a nice 20th wedding anniversary gift idea, isn't it?

Now, if you are the romantic husband and really want to give your wife something unique that you know she's bound to remember forever, why not consider going all out and sticking with all the symbolisms of the day? To do so, you could incorporate something of china and platinum with day lilies and emeralds as well. Maybe buy her 20 daylilies and put them in a beautiful china vase, and choose a necklace of platinum and emeralds to hang off the flowers? Isn't this an exciting 20th wedding anniversary gift idea? Yes, expensive, but worth it? Yes - it's worth every single penny.

How about other special 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas?

You may also want to consider taking her to China for a vacation. Since many couples love to travel on their anniversaries, this might be a good time to venture into lands unknown and let her see the beauty of Chinese culture. This is usually a great time in your life to take great big vacations, because it's likely that you're in a good spot financially and, if you have kids, they are usually a little bit older, so even if you take them with you, they are easy to travel with.

You might also be interested to know that many people choose to renew their vows on their 20th wedding anniversary. Consider a beach get-a-way and a special intimate ceremony with the waves at your feet for a romantic beginning to your next 20 years together. Write your own vows this time, and tell her how you feel about her after all these years together. This is another fantastic and meaningful 20th wedding anniversary gift idea.

It's at about this time that really taking the time to speak from the heart is more important than ever. You have been married to your wife for 20 years. You've probably had some not so good times, and you might have had some wonderful times, but there is no doubt that you have a lifetime of memories and commitment to your marriage, and that you have each other. Thus, there is no better time to celebrate your marriage than your 20th wedding anniversary.

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20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men to Wow Their Wives

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