20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Ideas for Memorable Presents

Are you seeking inspirational ideas for 20th wedding anniversary gifts?

Two decades of marital bliss is definitely something worth celebrating. However, picking out just the right gift for your husband or wife isn't always a simple task.

Traditional gift suggestions list china as the appropriate gift for this special day. More modern suggestions point towards platinum. Either way, your options are greater than you'd think. Whether you're a husband shopping for your wife, or vise versa, you'll find some helpful options below.

If you're thinking more traditionally, going with china can be a great choice for 20th wedding anniversary gifts. Maybe that set you got for your wedding has started to seem old or out of date, and you're ready to upgrade to something a bit newer. If you're going all out and buying an entire new set, you'll need to choose between the colors and designs available to you.

Another option is to just buy specialty pieces. You can often buy a china set, but it doesn't include a vase or certain-sized pitcher. See what unique pieces you can find that match the set you've already got. Purchasing something that accents or displays your china is also a great idea. Your china set isn't doing any good gathering dust in the cupboard 365 days a year - pick out a lovely wooden and glass china hutch to show off your set.

If you're wanting a 20th wedding anniversary gift that still fits the theme but is a bit more atypical, why not take your spouse to Chinatown for a romantic dinner and night out to see the sites. Or think big and plan an oriental trip! That would surely be a surprise.

The modern suggestion for 20th wedding anniversary gifts is platinum. Platinum is a metal used in all kinds of jewelry, so your 20th anniversary gift options are truly endless. Buy your wife a platinum pendant engraved with your names and the date you were married. Have a set of platinum cufflinks custom-made for your husband, with his initials etched on them. You can get flatware with platinum features, and even silverware sets made from this metal.

An elegant choice for 20th wedding anniversary gifts would be a handsome set of crystal and platinum wine or champagne glasses. Have them washed up and serve your mate a glass and toast to the twenty years you've spent, and welcome in the many more years to come.

Using the suggestions above, you should be able to come up with a great gift for your spouse on your twentieth wedding anniversary. If you're still stuck, it's okay. Don't be afraid to break free from the suggestions listed above and splurge on any item that you know your spouse has been eyeing.

Throw caution to the wind, take a week off work, and road trip together, just enjoying one another's company. Take a trip back to where you took your first honeymoon so long ago. Whatever you do for 20th wedding anniversary gifts, remember the reason you're celebrating, and that it's less about what you've got or where you're going, and more about who you're with.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Presents?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful ideas and tips for 20th wedding anniversary presents? Share and write about these 20 year wedding anniversary gift ideas here!

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