Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas - Inspiration for Homemade Gifts

Trying to find homemade birthday gift ideas and inspiration?

The art of homemade gifts may be a dying art, but it is not altogether in the past yet. As a matter of fact, in some circles, they are coming back into style.

Many people, especially those who are over 30, remember when they were popular. For those in their 50s, there was probably a time when they did not know anything but handmade gifts. In years gone by, before Hallmark, even the cards, along with poems of the heart, were handmade (now it is email or texting).

But the fact of the matter is that there are so many new gadgets out now that enable a person to make some really neat homemade gifts with lettering that is out of this world. With a little imagination, a person can take almost any item and make it a personalized gift that can be not only useful, but also something of sentiment. The world of homemade birthday gift ideas is a big one, indeed.

This is especially true in the case of a scrapbook or small album representing a specific event you and the birthday person shared, like a concert, a party, or a school sports event. With the use of a digital camera, much of the work can be compiled and nearly finished on a computer and then printed off and assembled in a book or album. With clipart, a host of frames, saying, quotes or poems can be clipped and added to further personalize the gift.

Need more homemade birthday gift ideas?

In the winter, you can crochet a scarf for either a male or female friend or family member. For a woman, a specialty yarn - feathery and bright in color, can be chosen and crocheted in an hour or two. For the man friend, a duller, sturdier yarn can be useful, appreciated and still not call attention.

A basket of hot chocolate and / or coffee can also be much appreciated as the weather turns cold. Or for those who are still young enough to appreciate a gift card, several trips throughout the winter to a favorite coffee specialty shop will be appreciated.

Homemade birthday gift ideas like candy, cookies or cakes are always appreciated. When time is taken, and the dainties decorated or wrapped with care, they send a wonderful message of love and caring. And in their simplest, they are a stand-by that can be accomplished in just a small amount of time.

Chocolate chips can be mixed with nuts or seeds or dried fruits for interesting as well as a tasty effect. Add a micro-wave and some mini marshmallows for treats that will dry quickly and wrap up nicely. Present several types of goodies in a basket that has been again wrapped for the occasion.

A basket can be whipped up to contain almost anything with just the purchase of a few smaller items that will appeal to the birthday person's personality, hobby or job - this is another homemade birthday gift idea. Colored grass and perhaps some stuffers to fill it will go so far to tell him / her how you feel.

For a gardener, a basket full of seeds, plants, tools and a wind chime is a useful homemade birthday gift idea. Or, for the cook, a recipe book with favorite recipes or ones from the past that have meaning. Give it with a pot holder, a timer and a set of wooden spoons.

All in all, homemade birthday gift ideas are limited only by whether you exercise your imagination. Remember this and the perfect homemade presents are just a thought away.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas?

Do YOU have some creative ideas for homemade birthday presents? Share and write about your great birthday gift ideas here!

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